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More Than A Minaj: 10 Dope Female Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj


10 Dope Female Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj

After a brief period in Hip-Hop where the female emcee was basically nonexistent, the popularity of Nicki Minaj has brought female rappers back to a point of relevance.

While ladies on the M-I-C aren’t back dominating the charts in numbers, Da Brat’s release from prison, Missy Elliot’s upcoming album and Kreayshawn’s recent million dollar signing is a sign that girl power is alive and well in the rap game.

To help everyone get acquainted with some other faces and names, here’s a list of 10 Dope Female Rappers Besides Nicki Minaj.

Hit the next pages to view, and click their names for more info.

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  • Me


  • anon

    ummm… where is rasheeda? who are these ladies???

  • lois juuump

    best female rapper is : Liv L’Raynge

    GOOGLE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shela wamace

    MY top go-girls!!!!


    Liv L’Raynge


    sunny d

  • yehyehyeh


  • thaproduct

    Lore’l has the most buzz. she’s not on the list and has songs with fabolous, jae millz, amerie, red cafe

    • whatthefizzleny

      yep starringlorel dot com

  • luno

    the thing is the industry has completing sold out to the likes of nicki minaj in the aspect female rap game.sorry but true…now n days the industry likes gimmicks when it comes to female rap artist.. why do u think she the only one out.. the chic has completly commericilized female hip-hop where artist coming in the game cant even stay true to themselves.. half of the artist hiphop wired showcase can out-ryhm… and have wayyyy more lyrical ablity than nicki minaj.. but those chics arent sell-outs thats why they are still underground. somebody mentioned “Snow tha Product” now that chic is alright right there…. im suprised she wasnt show cased… nicki minaj didnt revive the female hip-hop.. people are EXACTLY wanting a REAL alternative to her. people are tired of nm. Its time for a ole school like Missy Elliot to come back which she is.. and start a real talent female MC march. peace!

    • dallas champ

      Don’t blame Nicki. When she entered the game, Hip-Hop was without a strong female present. Nicki saved Female Rap. She worked hard for her success. She build her fanbase from Youtube videos and underground DVD and mixtapes. The reason, she is the only one out because female rap cds weren’t selling. Remy Ma is respected in the streets and is a lyrical beast. Fans did not buy her cd. The same is true for Trina, Rah Digga, Shawnna, and others. Hip-Hop is male dominated. It’s never been easy for a Female Rapper to have success. People are not tired of her. People are buying money to see her on tour. Her single Superbass is Number 5 on Billboard. If female rappers want to enter the game, they must create their own Buzz.

      • dallas champ

        @trulo Again Female rappers need to make their own buzz. MC Lyte is a female legend in Hip-Hop. She didn’t go GOLD until her FOURTH Album. Fans must Support Female Rappers, by buying their sh!t. The Music Business is a Business. If It don’t make money, it don’t make sense. (Nicki didn’t invent the rules).

  • Wow I see all these names. But where are they why arnt they in the main stream we need more rap females for real

  • dallas champ

    Nikki Lynette Check out her song. best in the world.

  • All they A$$ need to come out to the main main stream no offense I don’t doubt ma for making her money but we need more female rappers to shine it just makes no sense how water down everything came

  • whatthefizzleny

    Lore’l is the one on deck.

  • NAY


  • they forgot KHAOS DA RAPPER niccazzz

  • and Angel haze what about Angel Haze??????

  • Divaish

    Yea snow tha product is a beast! Troublesum is too..

  • atlryder

    Lore’l is the chick. She been on most records with big dogs and gets heavy radio play in northeast.

  • Big Dog

    where’s Rasheeda, Gunna from Unladylike, Keys_theproblem,



  • m

    Jean grae is the best female rapper alive. Youtube pharoahe monch assassins and listen to the first verse, tell me she aint the best.

  • kim

    wow, so many faces n names I didn’t recognize. I’ve listened to Siya and Jean Grae (who are both dope mc’s); it would be great to see these ladies get some shine. Not all rappers need to look or sound the same.

  • mstar

    um, kreayshawn???

  • Winta

    For those who are commentin about who people did songs with features dont make u dope not dissin the people your talkin bout cuz idk if there dope or not but i do know anybody can get a feature for the right price

  • MrTechnology

    How he’ll y’all not have “Ra The MC” on the list …. the list is a joke!!

  • Yuletide

    Mia X is the best female rapper period. Verbal Assault….Classic. She is so underrated.

  • SD Chris

    Rapsody is nice. Beats by 9th…

  • Troublesome

    Glad to see Jean Grae and Tiye Phoenix up there…those are the two dopest imo. Eternia should be on there though also.

  • Anon

    Where is K’la the Lyricist??

  • Thank you for giving credit to great examples of female rappers/mc … I believe many are on the rise!

  • atl-slab

    Fiona Simone didnt make the list…. SMH! You guys should do better research.

  • nichole miller

    what about that new FEMCEE MIZZP. ? youtube her.

  • true hats

    Most Female Rappers never have any success in Hip Hop. We don’t even have to talk about longevity. JAY-Z is the ONLY RAPPER TO HAVE LONGEVITY! When ever a female wins in hip hop, it’s a major accomplishment.



  • NoneYa

    Just because who u feel should make the list didn’t doesn’t mean these young ladies aren’t talented…. The problem is too many hating, relax and let these ladies get their shine….its that simple…

  • Daisy Dai’Shell

    What about Shawnna from DTP, in which she killed everyone in the crew on the freestyle tip, & MIA X?!!!!! C’mon son!

  • anJai44

    i dont really kno these new gurls but I <3 my bytches ive been down with since there start La Chat, GAngsta Boo, Shawnnna, Rasheeda spits hott fire (BBM. remixes) her rhymes/lyrics r the shyt to date!!! Trinas still doing her thang, shyt remy ma can battle w/ the best dudes, khias like a hood heero to me, her songs r classics. Like coo coo cals in my projects….lol 414 in here!!! N nicki is the baddest bytch not rapper but bytch THAT can rap!!!! her whole identity as we see it is really plastic n fake like a pretty barbie, she transformed into a baddazz girly barbie bytch when i think she used to be a gangsta studd talkin about remy ma on youtube(CHECK IT OUT)…..its crazy!!! TheIR my besties, they r on my A-team of rap boss ladys!!!!

  • superbase

    @ChinkyMiyake she’s actually decent bmore stand up!

  • sp11x

    chinky miyake is actually decent bmore stand up!

  • shadesondontbetrynasaywassup

    umm where is Snow Tha Product?!?!? DOPEST CHICK IN THE GAME RIGHT NOW

  • blackthots

    Let me break this down. What does it profit an artist to gain all the buzz, the street cred and the ‘best female mcee’ accolade but still have no progress. Nicki should be a positive example more than anyone else. She might be hyped with the sub urban kids or a sellout as some say, but what is better selling out tours and getting paid with the effect of changing the live of her family and friends and competing favorably with male mc,s on sales level or stuck in the bottomless pit of not selling out? We need to realize this is their 9/5,s so i suggest we stop giving them all this mad props and start buying their cd,s.

  • tonka

    @Nay OBVIOUSLY u do know of her if u know her delivery is weak & blah blah. Somebody sound a little salty!? Tell them why u mad haha….keep doing ur thing chinky & all the other ladies!

  • greggy

    best female rapper right now is kellee maize. just check youtube, she has millions of views.

    you guys are living in the stone age

  • pierre

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  • pierre

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  • July

    That’s cool. I’m sure a lot of them are garbage like Nicki, but some of them gotta be good. That Siya girl looks interesting. Would have been nice to see some non-Black faces get a chance.



  • Kaos

    Y’all got a lot of em right, but where’s Lore’l? Come on, she is killin em right about now!

  • Dj

    It’s barbie!!!!

  • need foxy back. Brooklyn Boogie-Brown. Don Diva