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Halle Berry Can’t Sing But Is Still Considering Star Role In Aretha Franklin Biopic [Photos]


Halle Berry Still On Board For Aretha Franklin Biopic?

Even though Halle Berry isn’t the best vocalist, Aretha Franklin still wants her to play the lead role in the Queen of Soul’s biopic.

The 69-year-old legend told Macleans magazine that “Halle Berry is back in the game.”

“I just saw her at the curtain of Oprah’s farewell event and she let me know that she still wants to play the role.”

Halle thought she would be expected to use her vocals for the movie but was assured she wouldn’t have to sing. So why would we want to see an actress portray Aretha if she’s not doing the singing?
Franklin said Fantasia and Jennifer Hudson are also being considered for the role. One of them may be a better fit since both have acting and singing experience but what do we know?
Click the next few pages and tell us who you think should play Aretha.

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  • mack

    Wouldn’t J-Hud be more believable? I mean Halle is mixed and light. And who wants to see more lip-synching like in ‘what’s love…’?

  • sue

    it sounds like folks may really not want to say their issue and that’s just like bigots everywhere. fraid to say that halle is one shade lighter than aretha and that is their real prob w/her playing aretha. cate blanchett played bob dylan. so get over it.halle is as good as cate- if not better.

  • reita501

    With all considered,no one actress/musician can deliver both authentic sounding voice and acting,and the fact that Aretha in these last stages of her career would be pleased to have Halle portray her, I can’t see why Halle should’nt take the part. We know she can lipsing and she can bring all the soul we’d be looking for. And most of all she’d bring happiness to someone that so deserves it. I say GO FOR IT Halle !!

  • reita501

    Marc D. You could’nt have said it better.This has got to be the reason Aretha doesn’t seem to be looking for a singer.She wants to hear HER voice.Just like Tina. And for that fact Etta James …though I think Etta took it too far with the White House gig, she probably could have pulled it off.

  • SayCheese

    Halle looks nothing like Aretha. I’mi getting tried of Hollywood giving roles to people that look nothing like who they are supposed to play. Halle played Storm in X-Men. She looked nothing like Storm. Storm’s role would have been better played by Naomi Campbell. That’s how Storm was drawn in all the Comic Books and cartoons. They only picked Halle because she was Halle. J Hud looks nothing like Aretha either and her singing isn’t all the great. They need to pick someone that is unknown and actually looks like Aretha.

  • shehiplocki

    ….I still say why not Jill Scott!!!!!!!

    Jill Scott any one?