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Tyler Perry Talks Pregnancy Scare, New Lady And Spike Lee


Madea Creator Tyler Perry Talks Pregnancy and Children

Tyler Perry opened up to Ebony magazine about a pregnancy scare he had last year and says he would love to leave his legacy to some offspring.

Perry didn’t reveal the identity of his special lady but he admitted that this is the longest relationship he’s been involved in in a long time.

“This isn’t the reason to have children, but it would be really sad to work this hard to build something and not be able to pass it on to my junior, to my sons, to my daughters,” Tyler told Ebony magazine.

He went on to speak about possibly having a child of his own. “Back in December, when we thought we were having a kid, I got a little overwhelmed…Now, I got overwhelmed when I first got a dog because I knew I was responsible for this living creature. So think how I reacted to the thought of having a child.”

Tyler also spoke about his issues with Spike Lee and said he was through with their timultuous relationship.

As previously reported Perry was quoted saying ”

“Spike can go straight to hell! You can print that. I am sick of him talking about me.”


Now Perry’s marching to a different tune and tells Ebony he’s ready to let bygones be bygones.

“I believe Spike can do what he does and I can do what I do… There’s room for more than one of us in every industry and the moment we embrace that as a society, we can get past all this stuff.”

No word on how Spike Lee feels about this.

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  • Pam

    Tyler, still trying to sell ” I promise I’m not gay, I have a girlfriend and we thought she was pregnant” Tyler, plz stop!!!!

  • ugh

    Hes a fool he makes all of these movies about God and has a pregnacy scare with a woman that hes not married too.

  • MDS

    thats a bunch of crap. He knows guys dont get pregnant

  • MDS

    PS you know oprah is too old to conceive so it had to be a guy – ha ha

  • Concerned

    Personally, I am not a fan Tyler Perry’s work, especially, when compared to Spike Lee. However, I do wish him peace, and I hope whatever it is he’s looking for, he finds it.

  • nina

    This mofugga is a fruit and need to stop frontin! Spike lee is the man in the films he creates. Tyler Perry is garbage

  • Pebbles

    The problem with black people never cease to amaze me. We need to stop having the crabs in a barrel complex. It’s a shame to be jealous of someones accomplishments. Believe it or not there is room at the top for more. Both of these men have been blessed, instead of being at odds with each other they should be joining forces to help our youth. We as a people need serious help. Tyler has let their differences go Spike should also. What we should always remember is we are only human and we are constantly being tempted. Stop judging others lest we be judged. We need to uplift not tear down.

    • I. Howard

      Tyler do yo thang! I pray God’s blessings on your life. Thank you for bridging the gap. Keeping it real with the veterans and also bringing new faces, discussing today’s issues….Love ya

  • Raye

    Haters…gon’ brush your shoulders off!

  • Thank God for another year. We as ppl are very mass,Spike Lee,Tyler Perry need to come together as one, cause when you cut each other they both bleed out red blood. And they both share the same father which is:(JESUS)So both of you guys have big. Fans out there, don”t let satin destroy friendship. And for as Tyler Perry with a woman or not, THAT IS NOT KNOWBODY business but god PPL STOP PUTTING YOUR MOUTH ON OTHER.,MINE YOUR OWN DAM!!!!!!!BUSINESS SORRY ABOUT THE cursing I love TYLER PERRY AND SPIKE LEE MAY GOD BLESS YOU BOTH.

  • Tyler Perry, I think is an excellent writer & actor. My mother adores him. Spike Lee is also an excellent writer & actor. They both just happen to be from different era’s of life. I can only imagine the positive outcome, if the both of them could come together and create an awesome movie. God has given us all a talent, how we use it, is totally up to us. People…..let’s stop judging Tyler Perry over his pass. He has been redeemed by the blood of the Lamb from his confession. When we began to judge others, we are edifying ourselves. Because the bible states “Let the first one without sin cast the first stone”. Do any of us have 100% righteous stones to throw? No!!!! I don’t think so. Let’s continue to love like Jesus, and celebrate the success of others. Be Blessed! JC

  • jessie

    when people stop worryin about Tyler & his personal life evabody will be ok. That’s wats wrong wit da world now so quick to judge others but can’t look at their self & fix their problems.

  • Erin

    Agree Jackie.. people who judge need 2 fix own problems then point at someone elses. Tyler Perry is still a role model and he’s not perfect but neither is anyone else. People forget the good he does like buying a house for a grandmother of 6. Haters need to chill out.

  • yo

    His mysterious girlfriend is Gelila beleke. Google it. They have been to a few events together, like the opening of his Tyler Perry studios. She is an Ethiopian model. She’s been in his life since 2007.

    • perrypoo


  • PJ

    What ever happened to judge not least ye be judged? I think we put too much on people. We all have sins and we all make mistakes. Tyler Perry is not God; so please stop putting him so high up that there’s no way he can reach it. He has a right to be happy. Trust me when I say, “if you live this life long enough you will make plenty mistakes along the way.”

  • Mwende

    I love Tyler Perry and wouldnt mind him even if he was once a gay..every saint has a past and every sinner has a future….Bet he is dating Gelila from Ethiopia and am so jelous abt it coz I am obsessed with this handsome man.