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Bangin Candy (Snow Bunny Edition) – Amazin Amie


Amazin Amie

“Amazing” is the perfect adjective to describe this German bombshell from Newport News, Virginia.

She’s already graced the covers of Show, Straight Stuntin and Smooth magazine, as well as spreads in Black Men, Hip Hop Weekly, Urban Ink, and appeared in Apple Bottom ads in XXL.

She’s been featured in John Legend’s “Heaven” and Rick Ross’ “Yacht Club” videos, but now we present Amazin Amie’s beauty 36C-27-42 body to Hip-Hop Wired.

More pics are on the next pages, if you like what you see.


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  • brix


  • von

    She can hold her own against anyone one. Simply Amazin!!

  • N8

    My comment is not based on this thread but based on the guy above me you cant really believe one race of women is better then another your putting out the message that all white women are hotter then all black women which is pretty crazy i have seen some white women who are hotter then some black women and vice versa are you really gonna tell me you never in your entire life have you seen a ugly white women and i find it funny that people confuse black with hood referring to your loud mouth comment not all blacj women are that way

  • Nobless Oblige

    Underneath the butt and breast implants and extreme photoshopping, I’m sure she’s just another plain blond white girl.

    • DJ

      Actually, that old narrative about jelous Black women sitting around hating on White women is played out!!!!!!! I am so tired of hearing it; and so are my White girl friends, who would gladly tell you that they have their own problems and insecurities. Most Black women are out living their lives and dating men from various races and backgrounds like other Americans. No reason to be jelous or bitter; we are just as in demand as any other women. It seems like some bitter guys who probably can’t get any women and who are mad at Black women for not behaving to their standard are trying to keep this old stereotype alive. It seems like many people have declared open-season on Black women since Michelle, her dignified mother and her two beautiful girls entered the White House. I guess some are angry because they can’t make the rump-shaker, gum-smacking, angry ball-buster stereotype stick anymore. Get some new victims; we, Black woman really have so much more to do than to sit around focusing on any one group of women, let alone White women, whose men have been running away from them in droves and whose divorce rate is currently at 50%, running a close second to African American women (no disrespect). The point is that all groups — men and women — have perfections and flaws, and no group is above the other. Let’s just live and let live. Peace.

  • peachy keen

    Black women can’t have anything without some other race of females trying to steal it and make money off of it… J.Lo, Kim Kardashian, and now this chick. Makes me sick.

    • angie

      thats y the white man will always rule..lol…. becuz of the willie l theories…. self hate coons…. if it was a black girl they would say she look like a man

  • Michelle wilhelm

    And while im at it, @mob..how dare u act like only white women got ‘it’..if u truly feel this way then i just feel sorry for u..missing out on all kind of good stuff..women are beautiful in all their various presentations..we are the mothers sisters and daughters..get ur mind right..if u prefer one over the other is fine..but u dont have to degrade all other races of women to do so..some of US might not think u are the most perfect specimen of human kind either fyi..god loves!

  • sisi

    At white mob. Your obviously an ignorant,immature, racist , piece of crap. ALL women are beautiful. All races. Grow up and do something constructive with your dumb A$$

  • RL1984

    I honestly don’t see the appeal.

  • IlluminateTruth

    Just like any other white cave dweller she’s “void of”….

    Void of color
    Void of facial features
    Void of real body parts
    Void of any talent
    Void of any attraction
    …..and void of my respect. Just simply “void of”.

    She has nothing on a Sista no matter what some other krakka says OR a self hating knee-grow who would even think to lay with a beast. Take it from a Brotha who knows.

    • WhiteGIRLS MOB

      Let face it the only reason why President Obama became the President of United States is because his mother is a WHITE WOMAN. White Women control every aspect of the media and HATERS that hate to admit the TRUTH are too dumb to notice. WHITE WOMEN complete every men SWEET DREAM….Specially A BLACK MAN.

  • Playboy69

    This is a Black man’s Kryptonite the “SHE -DEVIL!”

  • HumanFirst

    I don’t see how you all can belittle each other like this. She is beautiful, not because she is white; but because that’s how God made her. If we stop dwelling on such ingorant things like who skin color is better we might actually be able to make this world a better place. If not, then in time we’ll all be doomed…

  • Missy K.

    Ok, first of all white mob your insecurities speak for themselves. Being that you have to take the time and try to CONVINCE people that white women are better than blacks, shows your ignorance first hand. Evidently you are upset because you know black women are more intelligent, prettier, and successful that your white trash selves. But, do we get on here telling you all what we think? NO, because we are confident in who we are and we do not need anyones approval. Now suck on that like yall do our black men.

  • msflorida25

    haha! lmbo at the white people that is behind the computer screen talking sh#@, you know d@#! well we would whoop yall a@! and you wouldn’t have s@#! to say if you were faced with a black person..so keep talking crap…scary mo fo’s…bottom line, whites wanna be like blacks with trend setting and looks and blacks do the same thing so there you have it…..

  • msflorida25

    And what the heck is little pee pee white boy wasted gene talking about?? You can’t stand a chance with even the white girls now cuz they done figured out how much better and bigger the black guys are 🙂 and you know the sistas don’t want ya lil wanker so you just lost without a cause aren’t you?? Ha ha ha! You figured you can talk crap about black women but every woman know what race of men are the best..even white trash mob knows lol! So you are the weakest link…go to a forum with the rest of the “little” guys please!!! Lolllll!!! BTW, how much you wanna bet that “amazing amie” is with a black guy?? She ain’t thinking about your race of people at all! So keep praising her, it brings us great joy…trust me 😉 oh yeah, I ain’t forgot about you ms white trash mob…you may want to proofread what you write before blasting it sweetheart…Kim k is not white boo boo, she is Armenian which your race is determined by the father so….amber rose is not white either as her father is also African…mariah Carey is also black…halle berry…Paula patton..should I continue to name some of the most beautiful black women in the world for you??

  • msflorida25

    And why the heck do people automatically assume that because a white skinned female has blonde dye and long stringy hair that she in the white race?? Do you not realize that we have white and black Hispanics as well as white and black Africans and islanders!!?? Wth??? I just thought about it after re-reading this post, she is clearly GERMAN people, not causcasian!!! So I guess you couldn’t claim her either as a white woman huh white mob??? Reading is fundamental….

    • Ben

      Why yall messing with the Germans. Ever been there. I have. They Happen to be more hospitable than Americans. Actually, I was sad I had to come back to USA. I have never been so openly accepted ( except Cali and that’s a different country too…lol) in my life. And u gotta love those Nudist Resorts!

  • thisisinsaneandinane

    white girls mob… you make me wish i wasn’t a white girl. stfu. and ms. florida… german people ARE caucasian. everyone on this site needs to get off the computer and read a f**king book.

  • msflorida25

    Umm…no, Germans do not consider themselves white just like some Africans even despise the thought of being called a black person so my question to you (girl response above me) what do you consider white Africans? Black or white? So no maam she is not caucasian…sorry! Wrong again! So I think you need to go read a book boo boo…

  • WhiteGIRLS MOB

    White people (also called Caucasian) is a term which usually refers to human beings characterized, at least in part, by the light pigmentation of their skin. Rather than a straightforward description of skin color, the term white denotes a specific set of ethnic groups and functions as a color metaphor for race.

  • msflorida25

    That’s about the smartest group of words you could have researched and put on this entire thread whitegirlmob…for real…maybe if you had stuck with the theory behind race instead of bashing everyone you may have been alittle more credible lol!

  • screagle

    wow. you must be INCREDIBLY bored. might I suggest you find a white girl that reciprocate your reverence?

  • McDawg

    It’s so sad that most comments end up being about race…. Why can’t we just admire beauty…. regardless of race?!?

  • Gene Connor

    to msflorida25: “beat they butt”? Typical n-igger-babble.

    And why don’t you show your “white friends” all your hateful anti-White-women comments? You jealous, chickensh!t liar.


    @MsFlorida25…SHUT UP! You are a lame just like whitegirlsmob. You probably a white woman that want to be black. And Whitegirlsmob is probably a black woman that want to be white. Stop writing CAPS. And both of you do sometime better with your time. THAT WHY Asian WOMEN have proven that are the best because of stupid fools like you and whitegirlsmob. Both of you should be ASHAME to be a women.

  • msflorida25

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  • SweetCakez

    If I had the money, i would do it too. Soon her posters will be banned from Europe with all the air brushing. LOL Im not hating. Lots of beautiful shaped well naturally people, but i dont see nothing natural here.

  • Mielita

    No offense – but Out of 60+ comments, maybe 3 are actually from black men… So not as many black men “worship/dream about” white women as you may think, and even fewer marry the ones they date or sleep with. The majority prefers partnership & marriage with black women. But I suppose nobody wanted to use the stats and commentary proving that, no? 🙂 Besides, why even generalize? Most white women don’t look like this! If all white women looked like Amazing Amie or Kim K, THEN maybe they’d have more than 17% of black men lol. You guys need to quit internet dissing, you all sound insecure. Beauty is subjective, and to each their own.

  • Big Jerry

    Let’s face it, when it comes to the beautiful women of the world, there is only a few that I really think of. Ms. Amazin Amie is one of them. She is thick, cute face, beautiful body, smart, everything a man wants in a lady. Only Jesus is perfect, but on a scale 1 to 10, 10 being the highest, I have to say Amazin Amie is a strong 9.48. Off the hook, do your thang love and you will always have a fan.