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Alicia Keys Shows Off Her Bikini Body Poolside With Son [Photos]


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  • She seems like to be a nice person. She is only like a certain kind of people .That’s the only thing I don’t like about her .However, she is lovely girl.

  • Kapri

    So beautiful is our precious little baby

    They are having a good time and very happy

    The Beautiful Alicia and her beautiful baby !!!!!

    So Adorable !!!!!!!

  • sunsine

    The baby is so cute!! She seems like she is happy and a good mom.

  • I would love to meet her one day . She is a nice girl .Her voice, o my God .

  • Larry Gainus JR

    people should mind thier on dam buisenes if u are happy thats cool.

  • Larry Gainus JR

    I will say people need to mind there on dam buisnes.

  • Larry Gainus JR

    just live and be happy.

  • SayCheese

    Cute picture. But Alicia body has always been something not to see. She has a horrible shape.

  • u are happy thats cool.

  • Cute picture. i like it


    So she decided to show a pic of her “ordinary” lookin’ kid (nothing to brag about) cos everyone is tuned into mariahs twins and pinks kid???? These celebs have a kid and sell to the highest bidder pics of their own kid. Tooo late! Not impressed.