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10 Wack Rap Lines


We get it, we get it…nobody writes their lyrics down anymore it all just magically comes off the top of the dome.

So you should expect a rapper’s bars to have a few errors here and there, right?

In some cases, but in others, it is a low down dirty shame how rappers sometimes slander simple facts in their rhymes.

The sadder fact is that the monstrous mistakes make it all the way from the booth to a CD.

We found 10 rap lyrics that prove a lot of rappers need to (A.) Stay in school (B.) Fire everyone involved in their studio session, or (C.) Get new friends.



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  • kntmusiclover

    lol actually that is 4 words

    • kalifawilliams

      bwahahahahahahha…..the color of Thunder !!!!!!!!

      rappers are notoriously uneducated folks….
      why are we even surprised

      • Blue Skye

        I understand what Juiceman tried to say. The Grand prix, car I assume, is the same color as thunder: white. Hopefully they caught this misstep early, and are slapping their heads on that one..

  • mwhite

    my thoughts exactly kntmusiclover

  • who me

    They shoulda put Nickis line in there from “Save Me”. “Yes, I’m a beast and I feast when I conquer.” I think “…and I feast when I hunger” would’ve been more appropriate, ’cause what beast you know conquers anything? Beasts always get slain in fairytales to my knowledge lol.

    • busta

      @ who me. in Nikki song save me beast as the devil… “”Save Me”. “Yes, I’m a beast and I feast when I conquer.:”””

    • busta

      @ Tia.. yes there is other Asian out there but way he said”” I like them black, white, Puerto Rican or Haitian. Like Japanese, Chinese or even Asian.” as he saying like jap n chinesse or not “” Asian”” as they r separate .. if he could of just said or even Asian …

  • a.london

    you should really post that list of worst rappers

  • incandescent

    I got more hoes than the ozone…???…WoW

  • Tia

    UMMM China and Japan aren’t the only countries in Asia, so Chingy wasn’t wrong at all

    • daliwood

      Chingy would have been fine if he would have and “or any Asian.” But he said “or even Asian…” as if Chinese and Japanese people aren’t Asian.

  • daliwood

    And actually… though Silk the Shocker is still one of the worst rappers ever… the ozone layer does have lots of holes, this was obviously a play on words. Hello holes/hoes… If you count that so many more rappers will have to be added to this list.

  • Rae

    What about Big Sean’s line in All of the Lights remix: “well I guess my chances are 50 50 but my vision is 20 20 so I’ll be counting a hundred hundreds”.

  • Damnit

    Hate to throw BIG out there but this line from juicy ALWAYS mess w me from Juicy….”from the mississippi DOWN(?) to the east coast? Ok I’ll let y’all sit n that one….

  • GB

    I would have added Jay-Z’s line in “Already Home” when he referred to himself as “half-man, half-mammal”.

    • JustAshley

      I swear I’m not being mean but how’d you miss that one? Jays sign is Saggitarius. Half man and half horse. A horse is a mammal.

      • GB

        Humans are already 100% mammal

  • deedee

    @ gb yes yes that line gets me everytime…”wtf I’m a animal half man half mammal” I think I learned in 3rd grade all humans were Mammals but ok jay

  • Look at a map

    @ Tia….. are you serious?

    • JustAshley

      Tia is right dude. Russia is within Asia but CONSIDERED a part of Europe. That goes for India also. Look it up.

  • AL

    What about Warren G’s song “What’s Next”. The line where he says, “I say whats next, whats next whats N-X-E-T”

  • QueenCityDivva

    I think Kanye was saying the word Fawk & Pay was his two favorites words… Not meaning You & Me for you to add tht as his two favorite words…..

  • Jay

    Obviously you people have no concept of puns, metaphor, or lyrics.

    • JustAshley

      @Jay Thank you! Rap is poetry. Pull out some of that poetry we had to read in highschool and college and read it again. Beautiful words.

  • me

    I love this post, cuz some of these rappers are the most arrogant mammals on earth.Nobody writes rhymes and nobody buys cds, coincidence?I’ll let you tell it.
    The one from Big bothered me too…

  • kennedy220

    most of these songs i dont know but isnt rap which stands for rhythm and poetry known for having a play on words, metaphors, and street language that may be hard for technical people to understand


    Evert single word that comes out of Wanye’s mouth is whack!! He is the hot beat killer and people still package ride him. Lots of people listening to the pop-hop are deaf and cluesless.

  • OldSoulNewEra

    I would have added Jay-Z’s line in Jigga my N….”Raw, the one, like 5 divided by four…..”

    Really Jay? Now, 5 MINUS 4 = 1, but not 5 DIVIDED BY 4. That’s would equal 1.25. Last time I checked 1.25 > 1.

  • ayo mike !

    @ rae

    He’s saying that his chances are 50/50,half and half, but his vision is 20/20, so he can see into the future, and in the future he’ll be counting 100 hundreds..that actually could be one of the best lines of the year.

    And if you take away the zeros then 5×2 equals 10, but this isn’t math class lol

  • lubradey

    @ ayo mike…your theory on 20 20 vision is absolute bullocks. you go do your research. Although the rapper might have meant it that way, given the fact that it’s really hard to squeeze in a lot of complex phrases or thoughts in 16bars or sometimes in just 4beats.

    • ayo mike!

      @ lubradey i dont know what direction youre pointing towards..how is my comment bull? thats probably exactly what he meant…if it flies over some peoples head then thats just a mishap…honestly, you just said a lot of stuff in your comment but you didnt state a conclusion, you didnt even state a conflict when you said although lol

  • Tia

    I was definitely serious, even though Chingy sounds stupid, he wasn’t wrong, y’all act as if there is only China and Japan. What about North and South Korea or Taiwan?

  • HNICjr

    Old soul, you r wilding. That line is so dope. The line is actually “i remain the one like 5 divided by 4”. Do the math, 5 divided by 4 is 1 with a remainder. Damn jigga still be goin over cats heads.

  • Being half man half horse is still 100% mammal… Humans are mammals, so you can’t include half if you are already 100%, get it? Its a failed line lol.
    The sun revolving around the earth was explained on RefinedHype website already, he was referring to a historical belief that the earth revolved around the sun. Also it rhymed so the line made good enough sense once you look for the reasons online.

  • HNICjr

    @Old soul

    you r wilding. That line is so dope. The line is actually “i remain the one like 5 divided by 4”. Do the math, 5 divided by 4 is 1 with a remainder. Damn jigga still be goin over cats heads.

  • irishkingsnm

    cant remember who said it …”drive fast like tom petty” lmfao

  • Y’all forgot the ULTIMATE hip-hop fauz pas, which goes to Greg Nice “Dizzy Gilespie plays the sax….” No, that’s a trumpet my dear friend.

  • rae

    @ayo mike..I understand fully what he meant but I think he tried to be a little too clever and it backfired..


    Nicki’s line makes sense especially when faced with the reason they tried to say it didn’t “when i was a geisha he was a samurai somehow i understood him when he spoke tai” umm yes geishas a and samurais are Japanese which is most likely why she said SOMEHOW i understood him when he spoke Tai
    nicki and wayne both are some beast people just dont think enough and look for the flaws of a winner far to much to see that

    • MissE

      @ SPARKZ…The reason why this made the list is because they would speak Japanese. Thai is spoken in Taiwan.

      For many other comments, I don’t think “poetry” or “metaphors” can be applied to many of these lyrics. It shows you how many rappers don’t think you really listen to what they say, you only knod your head to the beats. Many artists have weak or lyrics that make very little sense. BUT in the name of poetry and rhyming, it is art…yeah ok

  • frank white

    how is rick ross & nelly not in this category.
    rick ross push it “you neva know that dishwasher may be your beholder”
    nelly pimp juice ” you aint from Russia, so b!tch why u rushing”

  • Que

    Biggie on “The What”: “Welcome to my center, honies feel it deep in they placenta.”

    I like the vagina part personally, not the placenta (which a woman can only have while she’s pregnant by the way…and even then, it’s kinda hard to get to).

  • NoireVixen

    Okay, I stopped reading at Kanye West. This is not even interesting. Try again.

  • Nia

    LOOOL! This was a funny article!
    The Jay-Z one made me laugh the most: 1. because it’s so unexpected coming from him, as he’s such a lyrical genius; and 2. because it’s simple ish that even a 3rd grader would know.

  • slvrbackguerrilla

    Foxy just did’nt break down step for step what she was measuring. If you understood what the whole grams raw thing emplies you would figgure she means the weights and profits of these units.
    I don’t deal in that so I don’t know specifics but I still get it. You just gotta understand what Y and X are to calculate along with her

  • Lisa

    LOL more holes than the ozone I think is what they meant,they forgot the l but then that wouldnt make sense lol

  • lo

    @miss e
    no…Thai is spoken in Thailand…Taiwanese is spoken in Taiwan…mostly. Really there are a lot of dialects in each country.

  • bee

    lmfao, some of these are hilarious, like Chingy wtf ? loll made me laugh.

  • illakay

    “Fawk you, pay me” is my all time favorite rap line, LMAO. It is 4 words but all of the lines in the song are 2 words that rhyme with the next set of 2 words…