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Bad Boy 4 Life?: The Failed and Short-Lived Careers Of Bad Boy Records


The Failed and Short-Lived Careers Of Bad Boy Records

The Hip-Hop blogosphere got an unexpected surprise when 21-year-old rapper Machine Gun Kelly announced his signing with Sean “Diddy” Combs, Bad Boy and Interscope this morning.

While we want to congratulate Young MGK on his new deal, we hope the Cleveland newcomer and his EST crew thought this move through.

On one had, Bad Boy is one of the most storied and successful labels in music, but on the other, Sean Combs has left a trail of artists broke, forgotten or dead, while he Diddy-bopped his way to the top.

Here’s a look at The Failed and Short-Lived Careers Of Bad Boy Records.

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  • N8

    I woudnt say big was a fail maybe short lived but he achieved more then most rappers alive becoming one of the top hip hop icon/legends and one of the greatest mcs bless the mic

  • neena

    bottomline PUFFY is all about himself…. he doesnt invest in his artist career..and he is NOT loyal… machine gun kelly i wish u all the luck in the world… but within a year he will be looking for a new label home.

  • Valerie

    Yall forgot about Dream!

  • Denaa

    I LOVED Total. One of them is married with kids with Omar Epps.

  • Just GEE

    What about 112, Mario Winans, Cheri Dennis, and Red Cafe’? Y’all slippin’.

  • DeezNutz

    Faith Evans?

  • Michelle wilhelm

    Lmao! They ran out of tabs effin w diddy’s azz bwahahahahaha

  • Xanderdash

    Y’all forgot Faith, Dream, 112, and the INFAMOUS Cheri Dennis. He dealt with her so foul it was unreal!

  • Windee

    How about Gina Thompson who sang “the things you do” wasn’t she on bad boy as well?

    • mickey

      Gina Thompson was signed to Elektra

  • locs

    Carl Thomas

  • Steelcitychick

    Good luck MGK!….obviously you didn’t do your homework!

  • reida

    man its soooo many more yall couldve named hip hop wired.. paticulary…. 112 and faith evans ,carl thomas, mario winans,keelna harper….. i dare everybody to look up bad boy on wiki… out off all the artist… only biggie and puffy released 6 albums… and biggie died when again??? smdh.. everybody elese has had either 1 or 2 cds under bad boy.

  • Xanderdash

    @reida Faith got 4 albums out before she left and that’s all she was signed to deliver.

  • rick

    @Xanderdash faith only had 3 albums under bad boy then SHE decided to leave bad boy.. cause the last album didnt produce any hitting singles.

  • reida

    @Xanderdash she only had 3 under bad boy… which goes back to how can diddy have 6 albums.. but NONE of the living people he actually signed have more or equal.. just only proves more to me he is a self centered man..

  • biao

    The only long lived career is Puff’s he’s the longest standing bad boy artist….smh…lol

  • Ghost

    Don’t forget Usher-who he worked with on his first album and tried to turn him into something that Usher wasn’t. Usher’s MOm couldn’t get him working with Dupri fast enough.

    THe rule with Diddy is that you can work WITH him but not for him.

  • Ya’ll forgetting to mention the fact that Diddy don’t just sign u, gas u up, then pull the rug from beneath ur feet, he make it hard for u to ever work again! Them contracts are nortorious (no pun intended), google the radio interviews with 112 and Mase. I really do miss 112:(…btw where the hell are these people exactly?? He must have them all locked up in his attic like Anne Frank family SMH

    Oh yeah, if biggie was alive still, Diddy woulda played him by now too…he basically a musical slaughterhouse

  • … and that lil boy Jerome “Too old for me”

  • champhf

    i forgot Elephant man…

  • eric500

    You forgot about 112!

  • cali

    diddy is the devil…look at all the lives hes ruined…

  • Toya

    Anyone In This Day & Age Who Still Signs With Puffy Deserves Whatever They Get!!!

  • Okay, to be fair Randy, I’m not a Diddy/Puffy fan either, but you could at least have some journalistic integrity, depth, and did more research. The Entertainment industry has always been like prostitution, so to single Diddy is too easy to do. That and the artist listing you selected was “hand picked” from rappers serving time and one hit wonders. Not mentioning 112, Faith, Carl Thomas, and even New Edition’s short venture with Bad Boy doesn’t tell the full story. Yes Diddy is a egomaniac, shameless promoter, but you can’t solely blame him for the music career failures of all these artists. The same could be said for LaFace, SoSoDef, and other labels. This could’ve easily been a “Where are they now?” or “Remember this song?” article instead of a weak, biased, putdown of a blog.

  • Plot

    I believe diddy set biggie up and had him murdered. Diddy became more famous after biggie’s death and he was able to capitalize on his death. I believe diddy knew biggie wanted out of bad boy and puffy knew he had to stop him.

  • SunshineRayne

    OMG! I did not know Puff was doing this…and didn’t realize all the careers he slaughtered. Wow! This blog is a real eye opener for me… But it seems to be true if you know anything about these artist. How sad. Well, someone needs to warn lil man that his venture with Bad Boy won’t be long and to stack his chippers for a rainy day.

  • Shol

    That really don’t make sense, why waste money to sign someone for nothing? If the artist becomes successful he will get money and even more than the artist will. If alot of those artist did not released another album he probably knew the public was not feeling than anyway.

  • SEAN

    Puffy did more for ugly black girls than most..starting from KIM TO BLIGE, THE REST THAT NEVER MADE IT WAS NEVER HIS FAULT.

    • me

      You left your mama off the list!

  • Tonto Kawalski


  • BrotherRoy

    I’ve always said that Puff’s success mostly hinged on BIG, but when BIG died he kind of lost his way. One thing is I don’t think this happened to many in BIG’s circle cause Puffy knew not to cross BIG like that. The rest of these guys don’t seem to strike that intimidation into him. (My POV)

  • KarmalQT2

    For the record Ma$e is now a reverend. He came to our church to minister. He is very motivational and good at what he does. So obviously a higher power had greater things in store for him than Bad Boy records..HOWEVER on a side note..since Ma$e was still under contract with Bad Boy records when he gave up all of his possessions and entered the ministry, Puffy, Diddy or whatever ya want to call him, has been trying to make Ma$e give up a portion of any income he makes through preaching through the ministry to the record label. Talk about a blood thirsty leech. As much money as he has he is still greedy and thirsty. When judgement day comes I wonder how he answers to that.

  • Doubleaharo

    What about that Italian rapper Cain or something member and dont forget new edition or I shoud say ne