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Mississippi Man Beaten, Run Over, Killed In Racially Motivated Attack


White Teens Run Over, Kill Mississippi Man

A 49-year-old African American Mississippi man was recently viciously beaten and killed by a group of seven white teens who apparently randomly targeted the auto plant worker in a racially motivated hate crime.

The victim, James Craig Anderson, was standing beside his car in a parking lot in Jackson, Mississippi when two-carloads of white teenagers pummeled him repeatedly while yelling out racial slurs, according to reports by cnn.com. Several of the group, yelled out “White Power” during the mob beating. The group then jumped back into their vehicles with one car running over Anderson as they vacated the scene. Most of the event was captured live on surveillance camera.

According to law enforcement officials, the seeds for the tragic event were planted earlier that night when one of the teens, Daryl Dedmon Jr, suggested, “let’s go Fawk with some n*ggers,” prompting the group to drive to a predominantly black area in nearby Jackson to look for some trouble..

They reportedly saw Anderson standing in the parking lot as soon as they got off the exit ramp and then the beating began.

“I ran that n*gger over,” Dedmon allegedly said in a phone conversation to the teens in the other car after driving over a bewildered Anderson.

Dedmon, 18 , has been charged with murder and now faces a possible double life sentence. John Aaron Rice, 18, has been charged with simple assault, for his part in the beating. They are the only two teen currently charged in the crime.

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  • Gene Connor

    So what? Racially motivated attacks and murders of Whites by n-iggers happen constantly in the US.

    Why don’t you hiphopwired morons create news stories about those attacks/murders? Because you’re hypocrite pieces of crap, that’s why.

    • truthsayer

      Please go get help. Lord knows how many ulcers you have rotting your guts. Or dont. The hate will soon kill you and that’s one less azzhat on this earth. Good day!

    • sierra

      beast go to hell!

      • Gene Connor

        There is no Hell to go to, negro.

        Well… maybe being born black to dumb, nappy-headed parents. Like yours.

    • Mary

      For Gene are u dumb or what? when have any black person did this? if that was true they would be put under the prison. you sound like u could have been there helping those creeps. Why do u alone with them have so much hatred for another human?

    • tee

      I never realized how many stupid people there are in the world. riddle me this .. for those people that don’t like black people why do you spend your time on black oriented site spewing hate speeches. I know we are hot!!! and you are jealous because you will never be black, will never be able to break our spirits and are just a freaking loser! Do you think black people waste their time looking at white oriented site just to make hate speeches! you guys are educated idiots!

  • Taylor Barnes

    This is horrible. @Gene I feel sorry for you-its quite obvious by your comment that you’re not an educated man. A mind is a terrible thing to waste.

  • sierra

    what do you expect from whites, this is who they are while fooling you whit “i’m a christian bull” white could never be christ like, they are fooling you, this killing blacks now because this is what the tea party wants , they hate a black man because they are better people,they have always been this way and always will be- keep on marring them and acting like they are human, your mistake!

  • Paris

    Whites may infact be killed by blacks but that doesnt make it a hate crime. Its more reasonable to be beaten nearly to death and then ran over in a fight over drugs or ANYTHING but just because you have a different color skin? that right there clearly explains the ignorance. Brutally take a mans life because someone wants to take the time out of their life to hate a freakin color. Everytime there is a topic such as this, the usual person is always the first to place their stupid comments. You main points of insult are no longer valid. there are very intelligent black people in this world today. There are black people with big lips… and? there are some with thin. there are some with dark skin, there are some with skin as white as yours. every race on this planet are in one way or another is just as similar as they are different. So what exactly is it that youre hating? Choose a higher goal in life other that continuing the most pin pointed trait of absolute ignorance.

  • bro

    Even though the brother died, it might be a set up to start riots out here like in the uk. I hope there is justice for the older brother but you just can’t tell. The news is so ‘sensationalized’ now a days

  • simone

    Gene you are a dumba$$. Everyword out of your mouth should turn in to tissue so that it can be used a toilet paper. No one deseves to die, I don’t care what color you are. You will grow old and lonely, I wouldn’t be surprise if your single and everyone of your relatives hate you. I will pray for you. Someone has to!

  • Gene Connor

    Techcownoy (huh?), the fact that you always have guns with you means you live around n-iggers.

    • krystal

      This whole situation should have never happened. No matter what race a person may be that is still no reason for someone to take their life. @ Gene, just wondering if you hate blacks so much why are you posting comments on a website called hiphop wired? Kinda seems pointless!!!!

    • Mary

      @ Gene it only means he’s prepared for fools like you and your kind, I can tell you’re very uneducated, because if you were educated you would be spending your time on something meaningful instead of talking this non sense, I don’t even know you but I do know you’re very dumb.

  • Lovemy2boys

    This is a very sad situation. I feel sorry for this man’s family! For someone to lose their life over such ignorance. Society today is so messed up. Btw I am white and was born and raised in Arkansas but never not once heard my parents say the “n” word or anything negative towards a black person or anyone of another race at that. Prejudice is learned through society not just our parents.

  • Kevin Smith

    @Gene, Wow! What’s coming out of your mouth Gene does not surprise me a bit because I always knew how ignorant some of you are and you just keeping proving it everytime you speak. Say something else, so we can continue to learn about your kind even more, keep helping us.

    Now on that note I will pray for your soul: )

  • moe

    @Gene, I feel very sad for you. We all are a human race. Just because one has a different shade to their skin does not make them any less human than the other. But in your eyes African Americans are not your equal, wrong! We are very intelligent, beautiful, strong willed, courageous, ambitious race. You see its easier for you to have courage over the internet but I can gaurantee you if you said that to one of my brothers you will get that a$$ whooped.

  • Lauren

    Whats sad is that the real story hear is that a man (regardless of color) was murdered. How can anyone say they are better than anyone else. We were all put here by god to serve him. Instead of fighting we should be working together to better our lives. To have that much hate for someone is beyond me. I have friends of all colors and I see them as human not colors. I am a white female and proud of who I am. If anyone wants to be ignorant and look at a persons color instead of them as a person go ahead. We can’t judge you. God will do that for us. I will keep this man’s family in my prayers. They need the prayers and support not more hatred.

  • Lovemy2boys

    Very well said Lauren I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Lovemy2boys

    Very well said Lauren! I couldn’t agree with you more!

  • Mary

    @ Gene while you posting all this bull the guys that did this is probably crying like babies for what they did, because i tell you they better hope they don’t enter the prison walls cause they will have a lot of blackmen to deal with and I don’t think they will be calling them out of their names.

  • Dee

    First….This Gene guy is a prime example of the low quality, uneducated, ignorant and hateful human beings in this good ole U.S.A.. This is 2011 and this stuff still goes on, and we want to criticize the Muslims for being thugs? Hey I only pray that the trial does not end up a hung jury. Let us be reminded that this is Mississippi!

  • moe

    Gene are you related to eugene bull connor?

  • Surge

    Hey Gene- where you live? Let’s forget this petty back in forth name calling. Give me your email. Let’s meet, your written words of ni-gger is losing it’s punch. Let’s hear it face to face. Let’s see who leaves with n-gger branded across their forehead. Please-please meet me. Please come from your basement or room in your mom’s house, be a hero prove you point with me. Graduate for full racism and let’s see if you survive the encounter.

  • Jeff

    Folks, Please don’t think for a minute this inbreed idiot represents what secure white people think. This is just some loser that’s rejected everyone black and white. He feels power spewing recycled intimidating rhetoric. Anyone secure in their “whiteness” has no issue with anyone because of their race.

  • Jeff

    “gene” I had brothers who went to the mat for me in Iraq that I wouldn’t describe as black.

  • Jeff

    If were to call them the N-word, before they could make mince meat of you, so many of us white guys would be on your a** so quick you would stuff your racist rhetoric back in your pie hole

  • WWJD

    What Would Jesus Do in this situation? He wouldn’t be going back and forth with Gene, Sierra, or anyone else who views differently. Everyone who is getting themselves caught up in these senseless arguments are not making the situation any better. Let’s not entertain foolishness. Let’s come together for the better cause to prevent this crime from happening again. Love you all. White or black 🙂

  • Whitney

    What really gets me is that this “Gene” fellow is on a hip hop website. If you loathe black people as much as your speech would suggest, why are you posting on a website about a predominately black culture?

  • Gene Connor

    If this is a “hip hop website”, why do you foul negroes use it to talk negatively about your White masters?



  • Skott

    Lauren I totally agree with you. The fact is that a human being lost his life for essentially nothing. I am a 49 year old black Christian man and I really believe we all were created God ‘s image. Where did all of this hate come from? I will pray for this man’s family as I believe James Craig Anderson is in heaven with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

  • vcee

    Gene, if you really feel this way you know you can’t hide it. Sooner or later you may slip. You might say something around the wrong person or persons. What will you do? Sooner or later it is going to happen, sooner or later…..

  • Gene Connor

    I apologize if I offended anyone with my bs. I was just trying to wind you guys up.

  • Christina

    If you are so offended by this site, then why are you reading and posting here? There are plenty of other venues for you to express your sentiments and have people agree with you. While you are entitled to your opinion, you seem to take delight in agitating posters who are simply expressing their grief. And those comments from the anti-white segment aren’t cool either. However, you began this so don’t be mad when people give you what you want.

  • Lovemy2boys

    @ Bee for you to say that you want to genocide all white people… that shows your ignorance…. Just because the idiots that did this are white doesn’t mean all white people condone their behavior. It’s 2011 and very sad that hate and prejudice still exists! Oneday I hope that will change but I seriously doubt I will see it in my lifetime.

  • Moving Foward

    Gene Conner is an imbecile people..Please dont allow this little thing to get you riled up this morning..His hate stems from self hate, he along with any other racist SOB all need to go in a dark hole and disappear..But we do have the power ppl, his hatred shows us just how much power we could have..So instead of bashing him right back with his ignorance, how about we IGNORE his stupidity..Maybe then he’ll go back to blogging on Fox News with the “oppressed”..LOL..PURE COMEDY FROM A CLOWN!! *Still standing strong*

  • What the heck

    Why weren’t all of them charged with murder? If you rob a bank and someone dies, everyone gets charged with murder? What is the difference???!!!!!!!!!!!!! And hasn’t anyone in Miss the sippi grown a brain yet?

  • Karl

    It’s funny how we American love to Hate. We hate these people over here because of their skin. We hate those people over there beacuse of thier religion. American are a violent people with issues. Yes I too am American and yes i have issues with setain types of people. my problem witht his case is. why have all the teens not been charged with the crime. As for Gene’s comments, If Black people are killing so many Whites, i guess he doesn’t want to come around any.