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Beanie Sigel Faces Years In Prison For Tax Evasion


Beanie Sigel Admits To Tax Evasion, Faces Jail Time

Who would have thought Beanie Sigel would ever head back to prison? And if you did think the Broad Street Bully would end up behind bars, chances are you assumed it would be for bullying, not tax evasion.

Unfortunately, the government is becoming the Gooch in this scenario and Beans has admitted that he did not file his taxes between the years 2003 and 2005.

The end result is the prosecution is seeking $350,000 out of an undeclared one million dollars of earned income.

His hearing isn’t until November 18th but if convicted, Sigel could face three years in prison.

What is it about entertainers and taxes?

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  • Msking

    OK.. That’s kind of messed up if he go’s to jail for that because out here in califonia they have a list of rich white folks whome owe millions in back taxe’s , and their not even thinking about paying , and still run their big corporations you don’t here nothing about them getting thrown in jail. What a cold , cold world..

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  • robbied

    What is it about entertainers and taxes ? – Homophobia. LoL