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Don’t Call It A Comeback: 10 Rappers Who Should Never Resurface


Charles Hamilton

At one time, rapper/producer Charles Hamilton looked to have a bright future ahead of him, but this chick slapped the career out of him before he even had a chance to capitalize on his potential.

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  • bmmiscute

    say what you want but that Jaz-o cover of Otis sounds lovely

  • king asiatic

    Ok, I gotta soft spot in my heart for JAZ O… His flo still tight… Jay Z borrowed alot of his Cadence, voice, and the name 2 lol… Jaz O caught a couple of bad breaks business wise but as an artist he still like Bernard Hopkins is to Boxing…. He still got it eff that…

  • king asiatic

    Nah X still got a lil more 2 give, just chill b4 u ODee…

  • Bf


  • Bf


  • jw

    LMAO! At Bf, p is as garbage as silk, and I’m from the NO

  • niyya

    Yall crazy master p was da s*** bak n da day plus he put da south on da map. Master p made it cool 2 b frm da south. Master p is legend. He also da reason I started 2 listen 2 rap. He dnt get da respect dat he should get.

  • Bf

    Thank u By!

  • King Beef

    I phucks with Master P, he changed the nature of hip hop buisness. He might not have been the most lyrical muhphukka, but to me he held the beat and did his thing the way it was meant for his style of music. I say this with no disrespect, but LL, The Fresh Prince, Mc Hammer, Soulja Boy, Trina, OJ Da Juiceman, Magoo ?Timberlands people?, Young Mc, U God even though he is my A Alike, being we are both members of The Nation Of Gods And Earths, but it is what it is, Jim Jones, Ying Yang Twins even though we from the same side in metro Atl, and countless others who I can?t think of right now. Please leave the mic alone! PEACE!

  • Raeday

    i think its really sad that we dont support our older hip hop artist. They arent allowed to age huh? While on the other hand white ppl support these old head white rock groups and they stay making millions. Shyte aint right!

  • TheLoveliest…

    I love what Raeday said. So, so true.

  • ummm

    and i’m pretty sure if you’re going to censor me, you should atleast do it correctly. there’s for letters in the slang term for human feces that i stated previous. it seems ill-informed to place six stars in place of four letters you mother copulating phalis extracter

  • GOLDiE

    Shyne Po liike like the colored LArry Davil lmao!!!! Jaz-O needs to give it a rest, damn god!! O_0 c’mon son!

  • syllah

    most of em are better than many so called rappers in the game

  • Damn!

    Ol’ girl that was battling dude & smashed him in the face is Mary J. Bilge’s step-daughter.

  • Imari

    I do applaud P for putting our city(N.O) on the map, but let’s be realistic he fell off big time.

  • Rhea

    I lik’um all… specially, DMX… Lina Horn performed and was love well into her 70s… and… JZ most relevant today!!! They all can comeback if they come correct!!!!

  • Monie Love

    HOW IN THE HELL can anyone say they don’t want to hear DMX make a comeback!? I’m waiting on HIM & MYSTICAL!! Ya’l don’t know what the hell you talking about whne u mentioned him!

  • Mr_Midwest

    I’m still shaking my head about you saying DMX doesn’t need to come back. Did you not listen to the freestyle he just did with Busta Rhymes? We need X back for real. Cause this skinny jeans, pop rap is getting out of hand.

  • uncfan3345

    Dmx need I say more. Whoever made this list is incapable of doing so and never listened to a single album there all great. He needs to make a comeback to put sum of these clowns out of the game or show em what real raps all bout. He’s the realest one out there.

  • jamila

    love dmx,,so wrong 4 u 2 put him on dis list its just absurd dude…obviously u aint got no clue bout hip hop hun!