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Rush Limbaugh Hunts For President Obama's Ex-Girlfriends [Audio]


Limbaugh: “Where Are Obama’s Ex-Girlfriends?”

Rush Limbaugh is continuing his mission to soil Obama’s name but this time he’s wondering why dirt hasn’t been slung already.

Limbaugh pointed out on his radio show,

This one is, ‘Where are all of Obama’s former girlfriends?’ It’s a takeoff on where are all of the students Obama taught who claim to have been inspired by him when he taught law at the University of Chicago. Where are all of the former classmates of Obama who can tell wonderful stories about their experience with Obama on campus or in the classroom?”

Rush wants to know where Obama’s former girlfriends and classmates are and states that the public knows very little about a man who has written two autobiographies.

“Media hasn’t dug ’em up. It is interesting from the standpoint that the guy has not been vetted yet. Look what they’re trying to do to Michele Bachmann, what they’re planning on doing to [Rick] Perry and so forth.”

Listen to the audio below.

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  • The only reason the media hasn’t been able to find any of them is that Obama is from Kenya!

    But seriously, I think it’s time Rush was chained to a post and fitted with a muzzle.

  • brotherap

    I wonder what they would find if they tried hunting for your former “girlfriends” Limbaugh, you fat hippopotamus; probably some drug induced, snaggle tooth, wretches of both genders.

  • teresa hill

    rush is a drug attack pill head probably high when he goes on his rants. you really shouldn’t take him seriously. furthermore, where are george w. bush’s former girlfriends, etc.

    • teresa hill

      meant to say drug addict

  • Umph!!

    Off subject: Rush kind of resembles John Wayne Gacy. Just sayn!! Look at what they’re trying to do to Bachmann? Whatever was done she brought it on herself. She needs to stay home and raise her 20 kids.

  • I D Clair

    there are no ex girlfriends

    ask larry sinclair