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Child Services Removing Kids From Homes After Parents Arrested For Marijuana


Child Services Taking Kids After Parents’ Minor Marijuana Arrests

Child Services is now taking into consideration parents who use drugs as a case for removal of the children from the home.

The problem is the drug arrests are minor. In one particular case a father lost custody of his 1-year-old daughter over a $5 bag of marijuana.

Michael Fagan, a spokesman for the Administration for Children’s Services said,“We think the argument that use of cocaine, heroin or marijuana by a parent of young children should not be looked into or should simply be ignored is just plain wrong.”

If drugs are legally considered minor, how do they justify such a major action like taking away their children?

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  • Courtney

    If the child/children are living in squalor then yes CPS should take them away and investigate the parents but if it’s a minor offense then no

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  • Ammoe

    I don’t understand everyone’s lax attitude about marijuana.
    It is a demotivator, it is harmful to your health, it usually leads to other things, and duh, it is illegal.

    Why should a child have to put up with irresponsible parents.
    I am against smoking weed, it grows idiots.