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Fox News Attacks Chris Brown [Video]


Fox News Slams Chris Brown

It’s been well over two years since physical altercation between Chris Brown and Rihanna took place, and you’d think at this point the jokes would be over.

Apparently Fox News still thinks jokes about Chris Brown beating Rihanna are funny.

Brown, who has had trouble restoring his image with the media, was recently mocked on Twitter and later on Fox News by the network’s correspondent Andy Levy.

Watch Levy piece below:

Despite the fact that Brown has had a tremendous year with the success of his latest album F.A.M.E. and hit single “Deuces,” it seems like he’ll never live down the Rihanna incident.

But doesn’t everyone deserve a second chance?

And at what point does the harassment towards Chris Brown stop?

What are your thoughts?

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  • Faiz

    Actually they were making fun of the fact CHRIS BROWN still HAS a career, not the abuse. He was mocking that people support him just cos he’s a cut singer, despite being crazy. I support what Fox News said 100%. This guy couldn’t have been more right.

  • candace

    i thought the Shyte was stupid..Smh..Andylevy is a punk Bit*h like all the other white ones …like Harvey Levin Anderson Cooper an the list goes on.. see they dont think before they speak an what i mean by that is they re tryin there hardest to bring chris down an not thinkin about the pain they re causin toward rihanna by being graphic about that night ..its very ignorant an very disrespectful ..let that Shyte stay in the past.

  • Keysha

    First of all they dont noe wutt really happened between rihanna and chris so they need to shut up nd witt eva happened is there bussisnes not the whole world so if you aint no wittness then stop talkin bout it

  • ABN

    Keysha…that’s like you and a date driving to a graduation ceremony that yall are both walkin in and you got your face beat in by your date. yuuuhhh nobody will notice. BTW if Rihanna killed Brown’s dog with her bare hands, she still doesn’t deserve to get beat by a guy twice her size. I’m surprised FOX brought Chris up because they usually bash good musical artist.



  • Tom

    Fox News is ok with a white republican president killing millions in a war, but they have fake outrage over a black guy who hit his gf and now is trying to redeem himself.

  • sashamonae

    I’m a huge Chris Brown fan, but eventhough he was being a child for bringing up something thats old, it was funny!#TEAM BREEZY