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Should White Rappers Use The "N" Word? [Video]


Oakland Rapper/HBO Def Poet, Ise Lyfe Responds To V-Nasty, Mistah F.A.B. 

It’s good to see at least one person in the Bay has some sense..

Oakland rapper/poet Ise Lyfe released a video to response to V-Nasty and Mistah F.A.B. stance that’s ok for the White Girl Mob rapper to use the N-word.

Watch Ise Lyfe’s video below, and let us know what you think.

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  • Rosanna

    Absolutely not! Although some Black people use the word, that doesn’t apply to all of us. It’s a racial slur. And, any White rapper/singer who uses the word she be prepared for the consequences. No sympathy!

  • 061

    I’m white and i’m from the hood and hard a hardlife…that don’t mean I have a right to say the N word! plzzz

  • Money First

    Although I have never been a fan of ANYONE using the word I feel that WE as black people give WAY too much power over to the N-word. At the end of the day the word is defined as IGNORANCE! Now if you feel that applies to you and you take offense when someone says it then that is a personal choice. I don’t feel anyway about that word being used in general because it has no power over me.
    Now if its addressed to me in a hateful manner by a person of another race and in my face I will handle my business but honestly they could have called me CHICKEN in a hateful manner to my face and we would still be HANDS UP getting it in!!

  • Land Shark

    Sure, why not let white folks say the n-word, black people call each other the n-word all the time with out thinking about it. White folks spend big dollars on car stereo’s to blast rap music and you know most of the rap songs have the n-word in their somewhere. So why get mad when a white person says the n-word. Maybe the answer would be to stop calling another african american the n-word and to keep it out of the rap songs that way a white person can’t say a word they don’t hear.

  • Kayla

    so eminem can use the word but she can’t??? Black people call each other the N word all the time. No matter who uses it black or white the definition is still the same. The N word means what…… dirty,ignorant,ugly,theif. etc… so when black people call each other it, it becomes perfectly fine……………. GTFOH. the whole word needs to die

  • DeeMarco81

    I think the whole thing is STUPID. We use the N word around them. We make rap songs with the N word and perform them at arenas filled with white and black people. I have even heard some black people say ‘you my n**** to select white people. YET….we demand that they never even acknowledge it’s existence as a word, and Dare them to use it. Im a proud black man and I say ‘If you’re ignorant enough to use drugs, then you’re ignorant enough to be called a drug user, therefore if you’re ignorant enough to use the N word, you’re ignorant enough to be called a N**** at any given time.’

  • Shalonndramarie

    Hell No! I don’t care how Black you think you are, how connected to the hood you are or how many Babies you have had by Black People you will never be able to say that word and not have problems, keep it real and don’t take it to that level.