Jason Weintraub

The 10 Worst Colleges For Earning A Salary Are Predominantly Black [Which Ones]


1. Shaw University (Raleigh NC)

2010 4-year Cost: $98,240
30-Year Net ROI: $15,480

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  • Avilea

    “SmartMoney has released its list of the top schools that land you top dollar when you graduate.

    However, it was recently announced that four out of these 10 schools are historically black.”

    I am confused, hhw. Is it the 10 best or 10 worst? And how is four of ten equal to all ten being predominantly black?

  • Avilea

    Plus there are only three HBCU’s on this list, if I’ve not mistaken: Fayetteville State, Shaw and Grambling.

    HBCU’s have traditionally taken students that other schools won’t take in addition to outstanding scholars. I went to an HBCU (that is not on this list) and I remember there being some really bright, hardworking students there. I also remember quite a few people that made me question how they got in to college lol. My guess is that some of the lower acheivers are not making much money after they graduate. But those who did well at HBCU’s are making as much money as the next person. We have to put this stuff in context! I am getting tired of black websites trying to trash our HBCU’s:(

  • Capone

    this article is right on time….right when the debate is “do we really need black colleges” is going on now….this is a little firepower to get blacks to believe that they don’t anymore…SEE THE BIG PICTURE!

  • Avery H

    HBU’s and HBC’s are NEEDED! I attended a HBU and I loved the experience! We as AA and NA need to learn to support our people. The state of black colleges is based on the involvement of the community. We are the only race of people who don’t support our own!

  • 6’9

    Ok as a graduate of Shaw U. I make 90k a year so I would like to know where this info is coming from. And I know a few more alumni who do the same. And get rid of hbcu are you crazy are kids don’t get educated enough on black history.

  • Brittany06

    I graduated from Texas souuthern university in 2006 in the midst of them almost losing accredidation. After graduation, I moved back home to New Orleans, Louisiana. I have to say I have had no issues finding a job, nor getting paid fair wages with TSU on my resume. I made around 83k last year so I like to think I’m doing well for a female of any race that attended any school.

  • Jj Motif

    I tried to look up the article on “SmartMoney” but I couldn’t find it. What is the source? Is this a credible article?

    • kay

      The Worst Deals on College
      By Lydia Dishman, Posted Jul 13th 2011 @ 10:53AM

  • ann

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  • dadecounty

    I attend FAMU and everyone I know that graduated ate making big buck$$$$
    This list is invalid and we need our HBCU’s, they provide beneficial resources for African Americans. GO RATTLERS!!!

  • Terry M

    HBCU’s represent 4% of the colleges in this country, yet they STILL graduate 40% of African Americans in this country. How can HBCU’s not be needed anymore? Look at the tuition for many majority white state schools where students are paying 40-50,000 dollars a year, being over 200,000 dollars in debt for an undergraduate degree, and CAN’T FIND A JOB! Those are the worst colleges in value if you ask me. Do I expect to see an article on that? No.

  • sydneydevon-thecooltv

    The REAL issue is the rising cost of tuition at ALL colleges-not just HBCU’s.

    Wanna know The crazy part about all of this? While College tuition is going up-some VERY influential Federal Government politicians are trying to eliminate the Pell Grant program as well aS privatizing the options for student loans. THAT’s the real problem.

    How is a 17 or 18 year old high school grad expected to qualify for $70k-$100k college loan if the only option is gonna be available via private lenders? THAT should be addressed.

    Nonetheless, good topic for us hip-hop generation to discuss. Thank You Hip-Hop Wired for providing depth and meaniful stories. Kudos!