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Destiny’s Child: Other Men Who Had A Chance To Get Beyonce Pregnant


While Beyonce has made every headline in the nation with the announcement of her little Jigga in the oven, there are a few men who should be kicking themselves for not being the baby’s father.

Although she hinted in an interview two years ago with Los Angeles Confidential that Jay-Z was her first, there have been some rumors and speculations that say different.

Whether it was a rumor, fling, or an actual old relationship, peep the page #’s below to see which men actually had the chance to be the father of Destiny’s child.

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  • Me, myself & I

    You guys are being generous with Bey. Ya’ll know there’s at least 5 more guys that should be listed here, one being Mos Def.

  • hiphop4lyf

    Co-sign Mos def

  • nyp


  • okplaya

    yup they forgot mos def!!!! he was the last one to date her before she got with jay . mos and bey bey dated 99-01

  • Proofread

    If you’re writing a book about yourself it’s called an AUTObiography, not a biography. Just thought I’d share…

  • Anon

    Where’s Usher, Julius her bodyguard, and Lebron on this list??

  • love01

    Who cares, let Beyonce be happy. Everyone has a past, so what. Congratulations to Jay & Beyonce, you are going to make great parents. Let the haters hate, because they have nonething else to do.

  • Nelly

  • Annelli

    The others didn’t seem to be serious enough for Beyonce—Marquis Houston cited that he was more focused on his career and didn’t want a committed relationship at the time him and Beyonce dated briefly. What I don’t understand is why “date” someone when you aren’t “ready?” Isn’t dating someone a prelude to entertaining the notion of a committed relationship? I think all the other guys before Jay-Z just wanted to play around and Beyonce wasn’t having it…I don’t blame her. Now she seems to be in a wonderful marriage with a wonderful and supportive husband. What more can you ask for?

  • 7 WildChild

    Why do they skip over Mos Def? Dude was supposed to be slamming her hams the same time Jay Z was when they first met.