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Big Boi Gets Racist Dolls Removed From New Zealand Shop


Big Boi Has Racially-Insensitive Dolls Removed From New Zealand Shop

Big Boi noticed some offensive dolls at a shop in the Auckland Airport in New Zealand and decided to take action and have them removed.

After posting pics on his Twitter page and getting fans to respond, the New Zealand Herald contacted Airport management about the dolls known as Golliwogs.

“Once we were made aware, the retailer was immediately asked to remove the product from sale,” said Airport Corporate Relations Manager, Richard Llewellyn.

So they had to be made aware that these dolls may have been slightly offensive to certain people in some way?

I guess they missed the description of the product they were selling.

Golliwogs were first introduced in the 1940s in children’s books by author, Florence Kate Upton, as a sort of caricature of an American Black minstrel figure. However, by the 1960s they began being associated with the insulting racial slur “wog,” and the books, deemed “racially insensitive,” were eventually withdrawn from libraries.

Well the Golliwogs are still selling apparently, this is just one spot where they were found and removed after a celebrity complaint.

Given the fact that Oprah Winfrey dealt with a similar situation in Australia last year, the words of Kanye West come to mind, “Racism’s still alive, they just been concealing it.”

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  • brotherap

    Kanye’s got a lot of nerve talking about white folks’ and their concealed racism, this fool gave these MFs an easy pa$$ and got white folks skinning and grinning singing along with him on his multi-platinum seller “‘Gold digger” ” She aint messing with no broke n*gg**. You just gave them an opportunity to sing the most vile racist slur out loud, fool, and not be checked for it. You confuse white folk, you can’t demean and degrade your own people publicly and then tell others they can’t demean you with your same words or actions used in public.

  • N8

    Uh this aint even about kanye its about big boi

  • N8

    Nevermind that last comment i read it agian i apologise brotherap

  • Do some research. Golliwogs have been around since the 1890s.

    Does it ever occur to you knee-jerkers that giving a child a golliwog would actually *reduce* racism?
    Kids don’t usually HATE their toys.

    Are we supposed to edit our entire history to suit this week’s pop stars?