Randy Roper

10 NBA Wives & Girlfriends That Could Replace Evelyn Lozada On ‘Basketball Wives’


Monica Brown (Wife of Shannon Brown)

Of course, her husband doesn’t get a lot of burn on the Lakers, but we’d much rather see our girl Monica on Basketball Wives over Speedy Claxton’s non-muthaeffin’ factor of a wife.

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  • Really? No Keyshia Cole… Epic Fail.

  • nikki

    Curious to know how can the first 3/4 replace Evelyn when they are not even based out of miami…u js put 3 LA wives and 2 Miami girlfriends like for real bossip get it together…no one can replace my f**kin factor bish lol

  • rondo

    Those Women are wives ,Basketball wives are mostly jumpoffs.

  • mariali9

    It is impossible to fall out of love. Love is such a powerful emotion, that once it envelops you it does not depart. True love is eternal. If you think that you were once in love, but fell out of it, then it wasn’t love you were in. There are no ‘exit’ signs in love, there is only an ‘on’ ramp. (( H_o_t_B_l_a_c_k_w_h_i_t_e. c_0_m )) Lots of my friends found their lovers through the se’rvice. You may have a try… 😉

    Curious to know how can the first

  • Kila

    Under the Kardashian headline it’s KRIS with a K you idiots!

  • Lorraine Huff

    Wait…Shaq’s girlfriend on a show produced by his ex-wife? Can sombody say “Cat Fight”. Here’s one better Shaunie, Nicole and Kobe’s wife…Let the fur balls fly!

    • Jenna Livesey

      Uh, no.

  • MissJackieM

    I agree what happened with not putting Keyshia Cole in this group ? Is it because her husband plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers ?

  • Q

    Not everybody hates Lebron James for leaving Cleveland!