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The Top 10 Corniest Male R&B Groups Of All-Time


The Top 10 Corniest Male R&B Groups Of All-Time

We’re not quite sure when it happened, but somewhere along the line, male R&B groups went from the pulse of urban music to becoming damn near extinct.

At one time groups like the Jackson 5, The Temptations and New Edition were the talk of music, but in the late ’80’s, ’90’s and the new millennium, as R&B music started losing popularity in pop culture to Hip-Hop, male groups, boy bands or whatever you want to call them, started dying off.

Of course, artists like Usher, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and R. Kelly have kept male R&B singers at the top of the charts and as popular as ever, but the same can’t be said for male groups.

The public perception of male R&B groups in today’s climate…well, there’s just corny.

We hate to point to finger, but here’s a Top 10 list of The 10 Corniest Male R&B Groups Of All-Time, and it’s perfectly fine to blame them for the demise of male singing groups all together.

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  • Great article! =)

  • BS2011

    Um dumb article. Whats wrong with Dru Hill? Howthe hell yall gonna say that they are corny. Beside Sisqo’s (not Cisco) hair care, they came out with a really good album and say what you want, but they were a really good R&B group. Half of this list was kid R&B groups (Immature, ABC, B5, B2K, Subway)so you can’t really judge them b/c they only appealed to young girls back then (me included w/ Immature). You can’t judge them with adult R&B groups. AND ABC WAS A DAMN RAP GROUP, THEY DIDN’T EVEN SING! And Immature & B2K were they best ones out of the kid groups, but like I said, they appealed to young girls of their time. I usually like site, but yall were wrong for this!!! Who the hell wrote this damn article? Who ever did should have done their research first!!!

    • ?!?

      Okay i dont think that the writer meant corny as in there music was bad . i think he meant corny as in like there all dresing alike and doing the most

  • Gr8 Dame

    Yo whats corny about Dru Hill??? “Beauty” was one of their best hits along with “We’re Not Making Love No More” “Real Freak” the list goes on….
    I also disagree with Color Me Badd… a little. “I Adore Mi Amor” spent 2 weeks at number 2 and stayed on the Billboard 100 for a year. They were a part of the New Jack Swing movement!
    Can’t forget about Milli Vanilli. They were corny for not using their real voices but ”Girl You Know Its True” & “Blame it on the rain” was loved by many. Sorry

    This list is ridiculous!!! Like Bodil said, whoever wrote this article should have done their research first.

  • Gr8 Dame

    I mean like BS2011 said… do your research b4 u write such articles!!!

  • N8

    Granted some of these groups were corny some of em i was feelin they voice i aint gonna name any cuz yall jus waitin on the chance to crack jokes but some of these groups were doin there thing

  • tracey

    Whoever came up with this list have too much time on their hands. Most of these groups sound better than what is out here today. I mean really you have kid groups mixed in with adult groups. For the record those guys in Subway could sing.

  • thinker

    wrong about: Immature & Dru Hill

    right about: all the rest of’m

    please revise article and repost, & add “All 4 One”

  • Damn, dru hill made the list, but NEXT didn’t? C’mon son!

  • As sucessful and talented as they are, boyz II men were kinda corny too.

  • DJ Shawn Touch

    DUDE In DRS singing Gangsta lean did look a little like Ricky Smiley’s ” Lil Darryl” but other than that, this was mid to late 90’s you can look at it today and see how they was dressed and things and say now hey that was corny, but at that time that was the style. i agree with all above comments though, half these artist you mentioned is better than most of the artist that are put on today. If anything some of todays group were probably influenced by some of these artist that you call corny.

  • Diamond_Bmore

    Yall Played With Dru Hill…They Were Never Corny

  • jj

    dru hill was corny to me as well. i always thought they were the oddest looking group of guys with a corny swag but i will admit, they made good music.

  • blk kng&queen

    The writer of this article Randy Roper is a CERTIFIED HATER!! Half of these groups were very great and appealed to their fans!! It seems this article was written by a usual insecure male that used to call all of them gay cause all the ladies were feelin them and he couldnt compare or had enough talent to compete so this is his revenge against them!! Now yes some i might can agree about Color Me Badd but this entire article is written from a hater perspective!! B2K,Dru Hill and etc were somewhat successful

  • penny

    They were all corny but I loved them anyway… except B5- I don’t know who the hell they are.

  • Thelma

    Horrible jounalism if i do say so my self!I can make a much better article with more though out banter then that.Corny groups make corny music so by that account why is Dru Hil on the list.You know you like dru hill and the thong song was a hit i dont know where you lived.I think i got a couple good ones.you guys had some good ones just tweeked the list a bit
    1.h-town those were some dl brothas
    2.color me badd I’m all for mixed groups but they were just like the ugliest of each race.
    3.LSG I liked the idea they just had to much ego for one group
    4.Next they was iight just off
    5.Milli vanilli if not for the fake voices for the fake hair whyyy???
    6.Jarule and ashanti he was thug singin and she was moaning
    7.Pretty ricky No words
    8.Public announcement they were just to hideous to make it
    thats all i can think of thats with no research come on guys do better next time!!

  • Add Perfect Gentleman…had a song called Ooh La La in 1990. Cornballs.

    • Victoria

      i think this was hilarious, didn’t take it all that serious… @Jeanene i have to admit as a little girl i wanted to marry perfect gentlemen… oh hindsight lol!

  • G Howe Black

    Wow. Can people read? Vanilla Ice was a group? And R&B? NICE

  • Christielove1468

    @G Howe Black: F.Y.I Although i already knew that Vanilla Ice was not a group, he was a rapper who did hip hop and rap rock during the 90s. The media labeled Vanilla Ice labeled as Blue Eyed Soul(R&B) . Yes, i not only did read the article in entirety but my opinion is my opinion and my right,,Ok?

  • JustAshley

    Okay why the eff was Dru Hill on this freakin list? Somebody need to be played on suspension. “Beauty is Her name” April Shows” Somebodies Sleeping In my Bed”…..WTH were ya’ll thinkin?

  • reena

    Yall are buggin Dru Hill was Far from corny…Get your facts straight and they were extra talented

  • Big Ryde

    I don’t really have an opinion on this list but to say the Lil ABC boyz were a rap group, but Randy my question is in the beginning you said that Trey Songs, Usher, Chris Brown and R. Kelly is keeping male R&B popular than ever? If its so popular why is it just those 4 dudes that are relevant? Just 4 male singers that eating out here! The 90’s had all kinds of male R&B artists that was in rotation! Now its just 4! “Shrug”

  • Vampire Bill

    The worst you can say about Milli Vanilli is that the one dude looks too much like Venus Williams.

  • Tonto Kawalski


  • Marry berry

    I agree!!! with everyone!! U would put dru hill before u put public annoucement and Next? U forget 112 do cha? Not saying that they were corny, but c’mon!! This is what music is soo trash becuz of credits are idiot’s . Next ur going to say Beyonce is a has-been..=/

  • Captious1

    This was an entertaining list until I got to the B2K listing. Making a joke about molestation – in the poorest taste possible. You need to be checked for that one.

  • Shaunita

    WTF how in the hell is Dru Hill gonna be on this list???? Maybe hiphopwired is the one thats corny and WHACK…who the hell reads this any? This isnt vibe fools

  • Muffy

    This list corny. Dru Hill? Really? Those guys are talented and they made good music. Who would put Day 26 and Dru Hill on the same list? Day 26 is lame, Dru Hill is not. I’m not a huge fan of Pretty Rickey, believe me, but I do like a few of their songs. I would even agree with them and Day 26 making the list, but not the rest. Hell, not even Color Me Badd should make this list. I don’t care about B5 either way. All you did was make a bunch of gay jokes. Lame.

  • Muffy

    typo fixed: This list is corny.

  • Tricia

    The person writing this article is corny!!! You don’t know ish about RnB history…next!!!

  • lol123

    If they all so corny why did you take the time out to even think about them.

  • lol123

    And most of these groups paved a way for Chris brown. if im not mistaken wasn’t Micheal Jackson his idol and didn’t he start out in a group. And b5,b2k,immature,dru hill have good music u just have to listen to them.So don’t judge

  • Blue Skye

    How do you mess up DRS twice after the name is right there? All the hating and very little proofreading? Come on now.

  • fefe

    Dru Hill do not need to be on the list! Check your list and check it twice. Thank you!!:(

  • fefe

    I loved DRS it TAKES me back, bu they were a ONE HIT WONDER!:)

  • fefe

    Pretty Ricky wasn’t corny, just the way they dressed!:(

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  • boskeezers

    The thought of putting this list together is corny. Spending the time to put this together n putting it in the form of a list is so corny that I’ve been overwhelmed with the smell of Jiffy Pop popcorn. This guy who spent his time on this…do us all a favor..go beat urself upside the head with a few ears of Nebraskan corn.

  • Mr. Joekzalott

    This article sucks. You lost me at Subway and you spelled “Sisqo” wrong.