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Rick Ross Responds To Kreayshawn: “Dirty Beyotch”


Rick Ross Has Harsh Words For Kreayshawn

After a brief run-in at the MTV Video Music Awards, Rick Ross is still steaming over a couple of disses from neophyte female rapper Kreayshawn.

In an upcoming cover story with XXL magazine, Ross has some harsh works for the Oakland emcee, even threatening her and her entourage with physical harm.

“I cant wait to slap the Shyte out of whoever carries her bags,” says Ross. “And I hope it’s her n*gga. Dirty Beyotch. You better know the Fawk you talking about. I’ll pay 50K to mess up your whole week.”

As previously reported, Kreayshawn raised eyebrows after calling the Maybach Music Group CEO “fake” during a freestyle.

She later denied the diss but was caught on camera a few days later taking more shots at the Miami rapper before the small run-in at this year’s MTV Video Awards Show.

When later asked about the VMA incident, Kreayshawn called it ‘gang violence.’

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  • Neshia

    I’m a big Rick Ross fan, but I don’t think he need to respond to this. When you reach a certain level in life, you let your work speak for it self. No need to entertain clowns.

  • WhiteGIRLS MOB

    Rick “FRAUD” Ross will learn to obey this WHITE WOMAN. Because if he don’t ALL WHITE WOMEN will make sure that Officer Ross will become the Hip-Hop OJ SIMPSON!

  • thatpimprod

    That is what happens when you are Fraud. You can write all the bangers and and dress the part all you want. When you a fraud, you can get called a fraud what you going to do. I mean how you gonna respond Ricky fat fraud Ross? You cant. And anyone that thinks Rick Ross is big is joking themselves. No One is coping his album or anyone in his so called Maybach Music nonsense. Hell they gonna quit making Maybachs next year. Let’s face it Keyshan said the truth.

  • champhf

    i can believe it took this little girl to make rick ross shook,,….LOL this is hilarious. he should just take out his hand cuffs and beat her with his night stick… tell her “freeze dont move” “hip hop cop” “you have the right to remain silent”… hell i’ll let him say the rest.

  • Xkaliber

    @ whitegirl Mob you either are lying to get a reaction from me or just plain ignorant!either way Ross has a few platinums so troll away with your kiddy comments.

  • Xkaliber

    @ whitegirls Mob Silly little white girl

  • Xkaliber

    @ whitegirls mob oh you mean Fraud like a kreayshawn frontin like she’s black and tryin to go through Dj khaled to sqaush this situation from her shootin off her mouth? lol really? are you serious?what are you 16?? cause you sound totally like a high school stan with no life or friends for t hat matter.and as i said before i am NOT a Ross fan,but atleast he can ACTUALLY RHYME!! lol at the end of the day Kreayshawn will never be anything other than the female Vanilla Ice that she is now which is a BIG JOKE TO THE HIP HOP WORLD! lol

  • Rhea

    Rick… can I help you whip her white azz… please!

  • Isis

    I’m mad he even responded to her she’s trash!!!! PERIOD and @ whitegirls mob please stfu you are a nobody and so is kreyshawn