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Katt Williams Freestyles Dissing Diddy, JD, Janet Jackson And Steve Harvey [Video]


Katt Williams Freestyle Dissing Diddy, Jermaine Dupri, Janet Jackson & Steve Harvey

Comedian Katt Williams is not in the business of making friends. The reckless joke teller is now spitting bars off-the-top-of-the-head aimed at his competition and some other household names in a vid posted by

He calls out Jermaine Dupri labeling him a pedophile and then attacks his manhood, “Jermaine Dupri’s small as a child/If I was f**cking Janet, she’d already have a child.”

The self-proclaimed federal nightmare also has some choice words for Steve Harvey. Katt is pissed off and is using his flow to vent.

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  • c

    is he on crack or something what happened to him.

  • queenbee

    See what drugs do to u. This ni%%a has lost his mind. Those fools who laughing should be trying to take this fool to rehab

    • Nina

      @queenbee: U r soooo right!!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! But, if he goes 2 rehab, they won’t have anyone 2 pay 4 their expenses!! SMDH…. whatever happened 2 REAL FRIENDS??!! The ones who’ll help u b4 u even realize u need the help?! SMDH……. all that talent gone 2 waste!

  • lively09

    Kat Williams is having a nervous breakdown in front of our eyes. He needs to take a break.

  • Dede

    Kat this is funny his rap tighter than some of those so called rapper

  • S

    It’s safe to say the pimp is officially down lol

  • Nfamous

    Kat hair dont even look the same.
    They say druggies just want the drug and it look like thats exactly what happening to him to the point he aint even taking good care of himself
    He smokin up his little bit of money, obviously