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Writer Says Rappers Ruined Moscato


Did rappers ruin Moscato?

A wine connoisseur is calling out rappers for “ruining” Moscato, a dessert wine growing popular among many in the Hip-Hop community.

Gil Kulers released an article today in the Access Atlanta titled “Rappers Ruin Moscato.”

In it he writes,

“Where in the name of André Tchelistcheff did kids in their 20s get the idea to raise the roof with a bottle of Moscato d’Asti!?

Dessert wines are enjoyed with dessert, not in the back of a limo or as refreshment on the dance floor and certainly not with nonsweet portions of the meal.

Sweet dessert wines clash violently with things like steak, pasta, mushrooms and generally foods not considered dessert.”

The wine noted for its sweet taste and smoothness is mentioned in a number of songs by Drake, Roscoe Dash and even Trey Songz.

According to the “Wine Curmudgeon” however many uninformed drinkers are taking cues from Hip-Hop and incorrectly pairing the drink with foods that clash.

The article points out an example of this with a line from Trey Songz’ “Invented Sex” where Drake, not Songz who they incorrectly label as a “Hip-Hop star” raps,

“It’s a celebration

Clap clap bravo.

Lobster and shrimp and a glass of moscato …

finish the whole bottle”

To which he responds,

“Moscato does not go with lobster and shrimp and ranks among his last choices for a celebratory drink.”

The article can be found here.

While I assume Mr. Kulers was being slightly facetious by saying rappers “raise the roof” with Moscato (because he can’t seriously think roof raising is acceptable in 2011)  it’s offensive to blame a music genre for “ruining” a drink that is widely accessible and available to drink however people please in this free country.

So here’s a question for Mr. Kulers: Why do you care?

Drink your wine and be merry sir.

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  • UptownMagnate

    To be honest wine tastes better when paired with the right complement. Red with beef or red sauces, white with poultry and seafood and white sauces, and Moscato with dessert or a J. Yeah you have the RIGHT to drink it whenever with whatever, but you also have the RIGHT to put your head under water permanently. Doesn’t mean you should do it though.

  • Shauny

    Rap makes everything popular. I’d they put it in a song, people do it. He is right though. Moscato is infact a desert wine but now you have people in the club buying $11 bottles for $60 because you heard it in a song. One grocery store here even puts all their Moscato at customer service because dummies were stealing it. When I go out, servers are recommending it because I’m black…heck I don’t want that. Overall the writer has some points. Don’t be offended. P.S. Moscato is NOT the only wine in the world!!!

    • I am white and I worked at a bar that had a predominantly black clientele. Friday nights we had a live DJ, and black women were ordering Moscato like it was going out of style. And let me tell you, they ordered so much of it, we didn’t even have to put it in a wine glass and they didn’t really care that much. Which kind of exhibits lack of knowledge about wine drinking in general. Over half these chicks, when having the drink placed infront of them, would look at you in disbelief and snobbishly ask “Where’s my straw?” Are you god damn kidding me? I used to think White Zinfandel was the wine on “training wheels” as it used to be the wine of choice to inexperienced wine drinkers, but Moscato has definately taken the cake as the preferred beverage for inexperienced wine drinkers and like  95% of these wine drinkers are African-American. Bring a bottle of Pinot Noir or a Chardonnay to your boss’ annual Christmas party and he’d be impressed. Bring a bottle of Moscato and he’d probably slap you in the face, then fire you. 🙂