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Bow Wow Writes Letter To Fans Addressing 'Broke' Rumors


Letter To The Fans: “Can I Live”

Bow Wow is setting the record straight to his fans and detractors via the use of his blog.

Mediatakeout recently posted an article claiming that they had an inside source confirming the 24-year-old actor/rapper was close to poverty, and that his Bentley was repossessed.

“I never knew why it interest people to want to know what the f**k is going on in someone else’s life. Its quite funny tho. Like i sit around the studio or i can be filming a movie and ill get a call like ‘Yo Shad, they said that you dead and you fell you jumped off your condo balcony,'” Bow Wow wrote.


Since coming into adulthood, things have been different for Shad Moss who has been dealing with fame since he was a youngster. He is now a father and is on a mission to prove he is a viable artist, but his new LP due Dec. 6, Underrated is taking a backseat to other news.

Wizzle wants fans and media to focus on the positive rather than the negative.

“They rather report a fake story on my bentley, or which girl im sexing this week, or how much money he making asking me questions about my daughter.

He went on to say,

“I aint went to jail, never been arrested, nothing I just want to do my thing peacefully make my money please my fans and go the Fawk home.”

You can read the whole letter here.

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  • Jessica

    He said: “I never knew why it interest people to want to know what the f**k is going on in someone else’s life.”

    Then stop talking about your life like what you own, the places you go, what you drink, what you smoke, what you bought and make music about important matters for a change. Then maybe people will have some other things to consider about you.

    You draw attention to stupid details about your life then when you fall you expect nobody to notice. All I gotta say is STOOOOPID!

  • Xkaliber

    @ Jessica so what you are sayin’s Bow Wow’s fault Media takeout lied about his money cause he raps about money? That’s ignorant! Everybody know Media takeout is the LAST source you trust for information!!

    • Jessica

      The facts are everybody does know how Media Takeout is including Bow Wow and who really knows if he or his people aren’t involved in trying to make himself relevant by leaking fake stories about himself etc.

      I think it is ridiculous that he could rap about things he doesn’t really want anyone knowing about. My opinion is if you put your personal life on front street then take note that other people will notice when you fall and slip on that very road.