Jason Weintraub

Pumped Up Kicks: 10 Dope Sneakers That Every Sneakerhead Should Want


Air Jordan 1

The Air Jordan line revolutionized the sneaker game, and the first Air Jordan dropped a bombshell on sneakerheads everywhere when it was originally released.

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  • Dane

    Good list…but HOW IN THE HELL!!! do u not include the allen iverson’s reebok question?…everbody and their mother had those!

  • Jenay C.

    Love The List BUT those Griffey’s are notably missing….. #ImJustSaying…. Lol 🙂

  • amanda collins

    Good list but what about the jason kidds. The foamposites. The grant hills.

  • GHughes

    no chucks?
    no converse weapons?
    no shell toes?

  • Josh


    thats the same thing im saying. they got kobes crazy 8s and that and not reebok questions? iverson’s shoes were 2nd in popularity for an athlete signuatre shoes only to jordans and they dont have not one of his shoes up there smh.

  • Stranger

    Barkley’s was clean too, maybe not as sought out and they could have had better colors when they re-released them and release more than than just the one style (as i remember)

  • Keyshawn

    Agree…the Reebok Questions have got to make the list!!! They were being sold YEARS after the original release—not as a re-release, they just kept them coming in different colors year after year!

    How do the McFly’s make this list!?! Didn’t we use to clown shoes that lit up (like the old LA Gears)??? Now you got them on a “must have” list…C’Mon Son! And, the price of them makes them unavailable to even the most on point sneakerhead.