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Chinese Firefighter Arrested After Police Find 6 Women Captured In Underground Sex Slave Rooms [Photos]


A former firefighter Li Hao, 34, cruised the city to pick up his targets and then kidnap them to inflict regular sexual  abuse while starving and depriving them of anything.

Two of the six sex slaves that Li allegedly kept in hideous underground were confirmed dead once the police arrived, but four have now been rescued from their suffering.

Detectives determined that the two women who died in the basement must have been dead for close to a year, as their bodies rotted in the 20 square meters room.

According to Li Hao’s wife, she was never aware of his sexual torture chamber, and was under the impression her husband was going to his part time night job every other day.

The secret rooms, dug four meters under his rented basement and hidden behind seven iron doors which were located in a residential complex away from his home.

The paper reported that Li regularly raped the nightclub and karaoke bar workers and would give them food only once every two days to keep them physically weak.

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  • c

    I can say this over there when they give the death penalty you are dead by the end of the week . In this case here he needs to be put to death.

  • keysha

    they had computers????

    • Ms. Littlejohn

      That’s what I said Keyshia! Did they not realize they could get help 1,000 ways using the computer???!! People are freakin’ nuts nowadays. I go to work and take my a*s home! LOL!

  • This is terrible, and He needs to be deep under a rock with cement.