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10 TV Series Hip-Hop Fans Should Watch This Fall


10 TV Series Hip-Hop Fans Should Watch This Fall

Now that summer is over and fall temperatures are making it harder and harder to leave the comforts of our homes in the evening, this is the time of year that good prime time television shows are starting to become a must-know in households across America.

While television networks rarely, if ever, appeal to Hip-Hop heads, there are a few shows that might peak your interest in between raking up autumn leaves.

Here’s a list of TV series that you might want to check out while you’re being a couch potato this fall.

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  • Lisa

    Dexter is in it’s 6th season, not second.

    • Anonymous

      They said Mos was in his 2nd season on the show.

  • Vandellish

    How about a friggin hip hop show?
    Bring back a Rap City-styled show that showcases both mainstream AND independent acts old and new. Part of the problem with hip-hop is that everything has become so much about marketing, promotion, licensing and more lucrative business opportunities that we’ve lost sight of what got us here…MUSIC!
    We need a show on BET or TV-One that interviews artists in their element and talk about songwriting, recording and their creative vision as well as showing them perform.
    Now there’s a novel concept.
    As far as this list I’ll F with the HBO shows and SVU…the Malcolm Jamal Warner show just doesn’t look funny to me. I’ll give it a shot. Bring back Let’s Stay Together on BET!

  • How the heck you did you not include SUPA TV??!!
    I know it didnt get on television quite yet but the creator has let it slip that the show could make its way on tv very soon.

  • Jay

    terrible, series for hiphop fans. Seriously Jersey shore? what tha fack. If you want to watch hiphop series: Red and Meth, boondocks.. etc is a better choice.