Randy Roper

10 TV Series Hip-Hop Fans Should Watch This Fall


How to Make It in America
Sundays at 10:30 pm ET

-Now that Entourage is over, KiD CuDi and the cast of HBO’s How To Make It In America have arguably the coolest show on TV.

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  • Lisa

    Dexter is in it’s 6th season, not second.

    • Anonymous

      They said Mos was in his 2nd season on the show.

  • Vandellish

    How about a friggin hip hop show?
    Bring back a Rap City-styled show that showcases both mainstream AND independent acts old and new. Part of the problem with hip-hop is that everything has become so much about marketing, promotion, licensing and more lucrative business opportunities that we’ve lost sight of what got us here…MUSIC!
    We need a show on BET or TV-One that interviews artists in their element and talk about songwriting, recording and their creative vision as well as showing them perform.
    Now there’s a novel concept.
    As far as this list I’ll F with the HBO shows and SVU…the Malcolm Jamal Warner show just doesn’t look funny to me. I’ll give it a shot. Bring back Let’s Stay Together on BET!

  • How the heck you did you not include SUPA TV??!!
    I know it didnt get on television quite yet but the creator has let it slip that the show could make its way on tv very soon.

  • Jay

    terrible, series for hiphop fans. Seriously Jersey shore? what tha fack. If you want to watch hiphop series: Red and Meth, boondocks.. etc is a better choice.