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LAPD Homicide Detective Claims Diddy & Suge Knight Masterminded Tupac and Biggie Hits [Video]


Book Claims Diddy, Knight Ordered Hits

A new book by former LAPD homicide detective Greg Kading entitled Murder Rap, alleges that both Diddy and Suge Knight had a part in the murders of  rappers Tupac Shakur and Christopher “Biggie Smalls” Wallace.

In the book, due to his book stores tomorrow (October 4), Kading claims that the LAPD has taped confessions from those involved with the murders of the rap stars.

Kading says he was removed from the case when he was close to finding out the complete truth, according to LA Weekly.

Kading says he received info from an informant that said he was offered $1 million to kill Tupac and Suge Knight and that Combs ordered the hit on Tupac in September 1996.

Also, Suge Knight’s baby’s mother, identified as Theresa Swann, told investigators that Knight gave her the money to pay gang member Wardell “Poochie” Fouse to kill Biggie.

Diddy has vehemently denied these claims via email, writing, “This story is pure fiction and completely ridiculous.”

Check out an interview with the author below:

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    F’em both!!!