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Liquor Mogul Wants Ciroc Boycott

Diddy’s apology for famously degrading a club patron at an Atlanta club over the weekend apparently isn’t enough for some people.

Georgi Vodka owner Martin Silver has called for a 30-day boycott on Combs’ Ciroc in hopes to teach the music mogul a lesson.

As previously reported, a video surfaced of Combs getting into it with a club goer at Club Compound in Atlanta, telling the non-Ciroc drinker to, “Put that Shyte down,” before tossing a an unidentified object in the crowd.

Silver said Diddy’s use of the “N” word during his rant was totally uncalled for and thinks Puff should be held accountable.

“In modern time racism should not be portrayed by any individual and Diddy should donate proceeds of his profits to organizations that fight racism.” said Silver.

Diddy and Silver have somewhat of a history.

After Diddy claimed all Vodkas other than Ciroc were “pee pee,” Silver sent a toilet bowl full of Ciroc bottles to Comb’s business office.

Silver owns the largest vodka brand in New York state.

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