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Hip-Hop N' Politics: Texas Prisons Stop Serving Inmates Lunch On Weekends


Texas Prisons: No Lunch on Saturday and Sunday

In what was labeled as a cost-cutting move, since April, some Texas prisons have stopped providing inmates with lunch on the weekend.

By not feeding inmates three meals a day on Saturday and Sunday, the Texas prison system thinks it will save upward of $2.8 million. Other ways the Texas Department of Criminal Justice plans to cut cost include replacing carton milk with a powder substitute and using regular bread for hamburger and hot dog buns, according to a report by the New York Times.

Last month Texas officials also did away with the age-old practice of providing inmates that are about to be executed with a last meal.

Texas are some heart-less muddafockers….

What ya’ll think about this.  Weigh in and comment below.

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  • Josh

    inmates do get a last meal but its just the normal food that they serve every one else, not a requested meal of whatever the inmate wants. they should have be doing this a long time ago. people on death row shouldnt be given special treatment.

  • Teddy

    I work as a correctional officer in Texas, and I can tell you from experience that those dudes don’t need or deserve a death row special meal. The prison I work at serves lunch on weekends. A lot of them don’t go anyway because they are too busy betting on college games. They cutting back on meals for staff too which were supposed to be free. So if they cut things for inmates, so be it. The prisoners get so much free stuff anyway like cable television, clothing, shelter, and to a certain degree medical, so food on weekends is not a big deal.

  • margie

    i do not agree with eric. our country, nor does any country ;make’ criminals. being a criminal is a choice. if i do not have the money to purchase something i want i have three obvious choices-save until i can afford it, choose not to own it or steal it. if i choose to steal it i am a criminal. just because we take stuff for granted does not compute to turning us into criminals. however, i do believe we take better care of our prisoners than other countries do. they sleep in beds, have food, clothing and medical/dental care. is it top notch, i should hope not they should receive what they have earned. GO TEXAS, i say take that money saved and put it into progams for youth or seniors

  • enigmatic

    With all the proof of false arrests, convictions,abuse of power and corruption in police delta., I can’t believe you can be so heartless. Also, the poor are usually the ones that suffer the most injustice.. They won’t have money to buy snacks or personal supplies in jail. Not every jail has cable or even a tv. If its availsble its because staff wanted it. The US makes a sad comment about society. When u take away someone’s rights, u r required to provide proper care. Maybe if your child were in jail, or u yourself, u might change your mind. The 99%. Who squandered the money that is supposed to provide care for these inmates?

  • @enigmatic

    What are you talking about? They took away their own rights by choosing the easier, most irresponsible path; crimes. So they deserve not to be fed, and if they weren’t fed at all even better.

  • Steve Neuwirth

    Just a bunch of racists people leaving comments.

  • Wajshatia

    And the also pay for the tvs if they have them. Prisons don’t do anything for these inmates but find ways to try to imprison them longer.

  • Wajshatia

    This is a case of cruel and inhumane justice. As a family member of an inmate I agree wuth them being punished for their crimes. But, do many are falsely imprisoned and the ones hired up run the facilities are more criminal minded than the actual inmates themselves. Its sad that they are going this because ijn most prison systems tge amount served isn’t enuff to feed a infant much less an adult. Its so ready to think an inmate has it made but until youre thrust into the role of family to an inmate you’ll never kno how one sided your train of thought really is. They’re still human beings

  • Wajshatia

    Love an inmate…. This isn’t right!!! Not saying dont punish them, just stop dehumanizing them