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J. Cole Defends His Verse On Beyonce’s “Party” [Video]


J. Cole Speaks On Beyonce’s “Party”

Roc Nation rapper J. Cole is speaking up to defend his verse on Beyonce’s current hit “Party.”

As previously reported, Cole World was chosen to replace Andre 3000 on the song for the remix and is featured in her video.
Beyonce Feat. J. Cole “Party”

Now a video has surfaced of the rapper at Hot 106’s Rise and Grind Morning Show with Deanna Cruz and Vezzy Parmesan talking about his verse on the track.

Before the video hit airwaves, the rapper excitedly told the radio show hosts that he previously wrote a verse for Beyonce’s track that she went back and picked herself.

Do you know how many verses I did for that song? I did a version before her album even came out. I did two verses and I love these verses too but they ended up going with Andre’s verse and Andre killed it.

“Then she reached out to me and wanted me to get on the remix. I did two verses…out of the second set I did, she picked the first one, but [I liked] my second verse–I just got to say for the record–my second verse was…*pauses* but it was too long. I think she was looking for something shorter and more to the point. But it’s a blessing to even to be able to work with Beyonce.”

He also adds that he was “on the defensive” with his rhymes since he knew he’d be following up Andre 3000.

“I’m on my defensive rapper because when you follow in Andre 3000 shoes, you’re expected to really go in, so that’s why I say that about getting defensive. But just the fact to be on the song with her and then to be shooting that video with her, being in her presence and she’s such a hard working and incredible artist, that’s a blessing. I will never forget that day we shot the video, I’ll never forget being on that song and hopefully we get more as time goes on, so shout out to Beyonce.”

Deanna Cruz:

Did you buy a gift yet for the baby?

J. Cole:

Nah, not yet.

Watch J. Cole talk his “Party” verse below.

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  • Starr

    I like both Andre 3000s and J.Cole’s verses for different reasons. J. Cole’s was fun and bouncy, and 3000s was real and creative. I’m glad that they call the song with J.Cole a remix though, that way it is clear that Andre 3000 was the original.

    • derrick

      since j cole recorded his verse first, that makes him the original, not andre

  • Mr.C

    Cole World Reppin for All of N.C.,do Yo thang Youngin

    • Mickey

      no just fayetteville