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Kreayshawn Denies Dissing Gangsta Boo, Beef Squashed


Gangsta Boo, Kreayshawn End Beef

Once again, Oakland rapper Kreayshawn is hiding her hands after throwing rocks at another rap artist this time Gangsta Boo.
As of today, Kreay and Gangster Boo are on good terms now that she’s denied dissing the Tennessee rapper.

The uproar started last week after Gangster Boo questioned the Oakland rapper’s image calling her a “wigger” in an interview.
The White Girl Mob member apparently fired back at Boo with the Tweets that questioned GB’s relevance even referring to the shirts that Boo was sporting in her interview, tweeting, “Hope them shirts you selling is at least helping you pay your rent.”

After Boo threatened the Cali rapper with bodily harm, Kreayshawn denied her disses were directed at Boo even saying she is a fan. Sound familiar?

Now the two have officially talked it out and are past the beef.

Peep the Twitter squash below:

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  • Teddy

    Guess again moron. She was going in on PersiaNYC, who is a fat punk white rapper from New York that is trying to ride Kreayshawn’s coattails to some success of her own by dissing her. She even sells shirts calling herself a Kreayshawn Killer, so that is why Kreay went after her but didn’t mention her name to give her any more followers.