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T.I. Dresses As Mike Vick For Halloween [Photos]


T.I.’s Mike Vick Halloween Costume

T.I. looked ready to score yesterday after being spotted at Atlanta’s Gold Room nightclub dressed as Michael Vick.

The rapper who’s been dropping track after track after completing a 9 month prison sentence, donned Vick’s Eagle’s jersey for the night while his wife Tiny dressed as a referee.

According to TMZ, the costume was his wife’s idea, but he agreed because he’s been an MV fan since his Atlanta Falcons days.
So, we gotta ask … is T.I. trying to make a statement??

Since pictures of Tip as Vick have been released, the pro baller has released a statement to TMZ saying,

“T.I. is a talented artist and I appreciate his support. I wish him success in everything he does.”

Check out more of T.I. dressed as Vick below.

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  • Toccoa, GA.

    I love you TI…All the way from Toccos,Ga. Keep doing what ur doing! Show these ppl how to take a negative situation and turn it into a POSITIVE one, while @ the same time making real money! Ha Ha…Even a broke girl like me know that numbers DON’T lie! I salute u……

  • Toccoa, GA.

    Toccoa….Also a BIG shout out to Michael Vick! Way to stunt on them hoes…. Ha Ha!

  • savethem

    Whoopee! Let’s celebrate all the ex cons as a new lifestyle choice. Commit a horrible crime, go to prison, and you still can get your old life back. Whoopee! No lesson learned. Horrible message to send to kids. Do anything you want, do a stint in prison, and because you have an athletic talent or some stupid talent you apparently are worth more than other humans so a criminal can get their old life back so long as you fake being a decent human being.

  • Sharon

    I love what Ti has on! It’s all in fun!

  • blackgale2004

    All I can say is u need 2 see the forest!!!!!!!!!!! Its gettin dark out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOLLA BAC @YOUR GIRL(WHENU CAN READ BETWEE N THE LINES!!!!!!!!