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MC Hammer To Throw Cash4Gold Party


“I’m throwing a party (invite only) inside the Vaults at the Cash4Gold HQ during Super Bowl Week!! Gold will be melted while we dance!!”

These are the words of MC Hammer via his @MCHammer account on Twitter. Now Cash4Gold, the world’s #1 gold buyer from consumers, confirmed today that it is currently planning a party for next year’s Super Bowl. The party will feature dancing in the vaults at the Cash4Gold headquarters.

Cash4Gold CEO Jeff Aronson spoke out on the collaboration with Hammer saying,

“Hammer and I first began talking about this idea for a party two months ago. Our furnaces have to be at least 1900 degrees in order for us to melt gold, so there is no doubt that with help from Hammer this is going to be a really hot party.  Since Hammer’s initial tweet we have been inundated with calls from people looking to get on the invite list.”

Within Cash4Gold’s facility only a limited number of individuals are given access to the company’s three state-of-the-art vaults. All Cash4Gold employees undergo a thorough background check before being hired by the company, and all individuals who enter and exit the processing center are subjected to a thorough security screening by the armed guards who patrol the facility.  Additional security procedures will be in full force during the time of the dance party, for which an exact date has not yet been set.  However, the party is being planned to coincide with next year’s Super Bowl which is being held in Miami near Cash4Gold’s Pompano Beach headquarters.

Cash4Gold and MC Hammer recently teamed up to support the international hunger relief organization Feed The Children following the natural disasters in the Pacific and widespread flooding in Georgia and have also partnered on other events aimed at helping recession-hit families in the Stockton, CA area.

If you are interested in joining MC Hammer and Cash4Gold as they support the great work done by Feed The Children, please visit http://www.feedthechildren.org.

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  • MPIR

    Do you realize this Cash4Gold scheme is the same thing Mussolini attempted with his Gold for the Motherland campaign?

    The American Dollar is losing its value and stocking up on meaningful assets like Gold, property and anything else is an ingenious move to put yourself in a power position once the American economy bottoms out (if it does, is probably not a likely scenario, but how much it does, depends on the poor financial/economical policies and the fragility of Sino-American relations.

    Stop misleading your demographics by promoting this company that strips real assets from people and replaces them with worthless paper (that is solely dependent upon the falling confidences of your public).

  • Janet Nguyen

    You all just don’t know….
    The company is unfairly getting a bad reputation. They state upfront that they are paying you anywhere from 20-80% of that particular day’s value on gold. Customers don’t realize that there is a HUGE mark-up at retail stores where they overpaid for their gold in the first place. That is why they are dissastisfied; they overpaid the first time. Cash4Gold states upfront that you may even get a better deal at a pawn shop than with them.

    But what do you expect? They send you a pre-paid, certified envelope for you to mail your gold in. If you don’t like your pay-out, you got 10 days to call them and they will send it back to you at no cost!

    There are many more crooked companies out there that are constantly taking advantage of people and they don’t even know it. Cash4Gold clearly states what it’s all about…