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Bria Myles Full King Magazine Spread [Photos]


Bria Myles is the latest eye candy to cover an issue of the “prestigious” KING magazine.

The beautiful bombshell covers their “Fan Favorites” issue that also features Vanessa Veasley, Brittany Dailey, Nyomi Banxxx, Elisha Jade, Runa Lucienne, Tisha Marie, Brittany Ireland, Krista Ayne, Jael Lima and Beatifull April.

Peep the page #’s below to see Bria’s spread from the magazine.

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  • Shay

    Bria, Is there a REAL job you could do in this world? Aside from showin azz? I had met you one time and you could not even hold a conversation. Maybe going to school to enlighten your mind would help. Why do black women feel the only way to be noticed is showin azz? A man will never respect you nor wife you, nor take you to meet their mother if this is all you are about. You are not cute at all.

  • Eric

    Why do black women find it mandatory to criticize each other so much? Bria is a very attractive model. Hell, she made the COVER of King’s favorite model issue. “If you can’t respect that, your whole perspective is wack”

  • yahjir12

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  • Nicole Speaks

    Bria is bad!

    Pretty sure she met Drake’s mom and was with him for a minute before he blew up. Don’t think she needs your advice regarding her life decisions.

    We stay tearing each other down…sad.

  • Esha

    I agree eric, I always see other black women dissing each other..sometimes I more so see ppl praising models with a light complexion but when its a model or woman with a dark complexion then they always got something negative or mean to say. It’s a shame! they’re the first ones to call a person racist but half the time they’re being racially biased to their own ethnicity..I think bria is beautiful! She paying her bills so if she wanna flaunt it she can.

  • Cocobaby

    Please do not lump all black females into the same catagory. I think Bria is one of the most beautiful models, and I am black and a women. I don’t even think that that top comment was from a black girl I think it was from a hating troll.

  • Shay

    To the comments: Working as a hostess at a Chinese restaurant in L.A. that is where I met Bria, where she still works.

    My comment is enlighten yourself being a waitress is that it. Then gettin on King mag and getting $750.00 is that gettin paid? Not! My comment is honest to her as a Black woman shouldn’t you be doing a little better then that? Not tearin her done. Just being honest.
    And who said I was Black?

    • African Prince

      top comment is hating. let the girl do what she wants, if thats what she likes doing then let her do it. you mad cos she gets more attention than you

  • We respect Bria and she is doing the Damn thang to the fullest. Keep doing you Bria it looks good on ya!

  • Mega

    Stop hating. If she can’t hold a convo, all that a$$ can at least hold my drink. There are women with no a$$, no education, and no wife like attributes, and they still got men paying they way. Its the world, and if you getting ahead because of yur body or looks, enjoy it while u can, 100%. We all have to diversify sooner or later, her time will come like it comes for us all.
    She the baddest in the game since Jessica Rabbit (melissa ford).
    If I worked for 30 years, I would hand her my 401k, just to wake up next to that chocolate perfection everyday. Keepdoing your thing BRIA, and keep that body right. Your next venture will present itself!

  • Whadat

    She may not make the millions like Kimmy K. but can’t say she’s not trying.

  • Anonymous

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  • Don

    Bria can get.