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NYPD Officer Found Guilty Of Planting Drugs On Couple [Hip-Hop N’ Politics] – Video


Shame Shame Shame…NY Cop Guilty Of Planting Evidence

A New York City police detective has been found guilty of official misconduct after it was concluded that he planted crack cocaine on an unsuspecting couple in 2007.

Detective Jason Arbeeny, a 14-year police veteran, was found guilty Tuesday (October 8 ) by Brooklyn State Supreme Court Justice Gustin Reichbach of falsifying business records, submitting a false instrument for filing and official misconduct.

Prosecutors say, Arbeeny, who worked the NYPD’s Brooklyn South unit, planted a small bag of rock cocaine on a man and women during a search four years ago.

He faces up to four years in prison when sentenced.

But forget him though,  all his cases should be reviewed and see how many innocent people he has sent to jail with his lies and falsifying of evidence. 

Is four years too short of time… weigh in.

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  • How low can you go? I hope he serves ever day of the 4 years. Planting drugs on innocent people just to get a raise or promotion is not what’s up.

  • Mr.C

    G.B. & Rap-A-Lot records Been puttin us Up on these Goverment tactics,Sum ppl rather listen to Party & Bullsh!t songs than get educated.F_*K Law enforcement & Any other CROOKED Prejudice Goverment Officials. I’m @ the Point of No Return

  • team nymphis

    fck these cops.when you kill a cop you get mandatory life in prison cause they are suppose to be public servants.so when one of them gets caught doing this kinds shxt they should get mandatory life.cops will intentionally send a innocent person to prison and won’t lose a moment of sleep about it.

  • TimeForChange

    He should’ve got four years for the man & woman. That’s sick

  • Is ok god, like ulgy I happy today the , going, jail, one, he’s victim but, happy, the supreme courts given 4, years?