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Mentally Retarded Man Convicted of Murder? [Video]


Mentally Retarded Man Wrongfully Convicted of Murder?

After 23 years of incarceration, Shelton Jerome Holloway still has advocates fighting for his exoneration. This week, best-selling author and filmmaker, Willie Speight is visiting the nation’s capital to seek justice with an awareness book signing for his novel, “The Holloway Story.”

Holloway, who is mentally retarded, was convicted to a life sentence in 1987 on charges that include the sexual abuse and capital murder of sixteen-year-old Patricia Ann Hannah in York, Alabama.

According to prosecution, Holloway, at the time a 20-year-old special education student and janitor at the high school that Hannah attended, was the last known person to see her alive. Approximately two weeks after she was reported missing, an employee of the nearby Alabama Power Company office found Hannah’s decomposing body in the woods behind the office parking lot.

Speight, also a former student of Sumter High, was so unnerved by the murder and conviction that in his adulthood he hired a private investigator to reopen the case. From the investigation and his own research, Speight wrote the novel and movie titled, “The Holloway Story.”

He insists the real story involves the surgical removal of Hannah’s organs and a well-connected doctor who bribed local authorities. Holloway’s mental retardation, which Speight cites at an I.Q. of 30-40, would have prevented him from committing such a crime.


Speight alleges that the doctors, who are White, were purposely looking for someone who it’d be easy to pin the murder on and took advantage of Holloway’s willingness to comply with authorities. Holloway and Hannah are both African American. In his book, he writes that Holloway was coerced into confessing.

While at the book signing, he expects to connect with local social justice advocates and gain greater exposure from a politically-aware community. “I just want to get the doctors off of the streets,” he said in an interview with WAOK radio.


According to The Innocence Project, there have been 278 post-conviction DNA exonerations in the U.S., over 50% were African Americans, and 17 of the people were on death row. Just last week, a man was cleared of rape and murder of a teenage girl in Illinois after nearly two decades and the discovery of DNA that pointed to another man.

Two other men who were given shorter sentences for involvement in the crime are expected to also have their convictions vacated. It is suspected coercion was involved in this case as well. One of the men, 15-years-old at the time, had severe learning disabilities and didn’t understand what he was signing when he signed a confession, his lawyer told the Associated Press.


Check out the full interview with Willie Speight on WAOK at 6:00 mark:


Written By Sia Barnes

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  • Angela Tibbs

    I am so glad to see this story coming to the light. We are losing black women. Something need to be done about this.

  • Courtney Banks

    This is a sad story….

  • Rachel Hill

    Willie Speight is so fine. I saw his $9 million dollar mansion today in Alpharetta, Ga.

  • Jennifer Adams

    I’m not surprise the state of Alabama lockup a mentally retarded black man for this crime. Thank God for Willie Speight for doing the right thing.

  • portia takoa

    Good to see these white doctors getting exposed for this crime before they kill again.

  • cordelia robinson

    I feel so bad for Shelton Jerome Holloway and the death of these 4 black women. This has to stop ASAP. THis is not right.

  • aisha cupps

    Speaking of fine, Willie Speight is so fine. i actually got invited to one of his parties he had inside his multi-million dollar mansion in Alpharetta Ga, on the Chattahoochee River. He has a phat master-bedroom surrounded by a indoor swimming pool, and a hot-tub, all inside his master bedroom. My girlfriend was trying to holla, but she was a little on the thick side for him. He’s into those skinny long-hair, glamour chicks. He is soooooooooooo HOTT. He has the best Butt i’ve ever seen!!!

  • Tangenika Reynolds


  • Dawn Mcaboy

    My first cousin Tameka Nicole Sampson died in 2001 by one of these white doctors. She went in the doctor office with a headache, two hours later she was dead. My cousin was in the bed shape of her life. We knew something wasn’t right with these white doctors. Its true, they are still operating on black women today, especially in Atlanta.

  • Stacy Curry

    @dawn mcaboy…..Sweetie iam sorry for your lost. I hope and pray the killing of these black women come to a end. I don’t need a medical degree to know there’s no waay in hell Shelton Jerome Holloway could have killed these women. Having a 30 IQ is super low. I saw on Facebook someone post the names of these white doctors in Atlanta. Small world, my girlfriend has a appointment next Thursday with one of them. I’m calling her right now.

  • thank u willie

  • My family and i love Mr. Willie Speight. He came out to our Church in Canton GA.

  • Our Country would be at a better place if we had more young men like a Willie Speight. I read his best selling novel, The Holloway Story, Incredible story. I hope and pray Shelton Holloway get Justice.

  • Willie Speight is so HOTT!!!! his best selling novel Messy Black Women is selling like crazy….



  • Cdwoodard77

    My heart goes out to him.. It sadden me that these doctors has gotten away with this crime for so long. Only to save your dying wife.

  • OlderWoman

    The murderers are NOT White doctors. The murderer is a black male named Shelton Jerome Holloway.