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Stephon Marbury Goes In On The Greatest: “Michael Fake Jordan Is A Sellout”


Stephon Marbury Calls Michael Jordan A “Fake” And A “Sellout”

Before you ask, yes Stephon Marbury is still alive and yes he’s still playing basketball somewhere in China.

If you’re unfamiliar with the former NBA All-Star who became less famous for his statistics and more popular for live-streaming himself crying to R. Kelly, eating Vaseline and getting into a car accident, then don’t feel bad.

Starbury is supposedly in debt for a sneaker company that started out as a great idea for a low priced shoe everyone could afford. That part I’m not too happy about, son tried to make a difference.

Hearing Steph stick up for the players is interesting, although this may have just been some good old hatred since he’s not in the league and Michael Jordan can’t affect him technically.

But since Mike is a Bobcat owner and is in on the lockout negotiations keeping players from getting more of a fair share, Stephon is speaking up.

So here it is, my fellow Brooklynite’s words that won’t do much to bug the greatest ever but it may alert others to what he’s really done with his iconic status. Tell us what you think.

“Micheal Fake Jordan is a sell out. #Period. He forgot which hole he came out of. I said it “Stephon X Marbury”… MJ went from MJ the black cat to a guy who forgot he was a player.

Sell your team if you can’t make a profit.. Your just a regular dude now! … When he rapped the Bulls for 36 million for one year no ones said nothing about that…

He’s just a man. I know he’s some people’s GOd but real is real. Dude forgot he played and demanded millions… he wasn’t my idol I just loved his game.

He never did nothing that I knew about to change the life off of the court other then hit cats over the head for a 100 150 dollar sneakers and still doing it.

Jim Brown said it best. Micky mouse type cat. Wave and break you pocket for as long as he can.

he didn’t create nothing. The game was played way before him…

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  • falla

    Mabury the cancer ,the bum, and one of the most selfish players ever is talking trash at mj? I am sure mj is crushed.

  • Millie branch

    Michael jordon should sell his sneakers a lot less he is so rich and i never heard of him donateing to any charity. Michael only cares for himself he really discusses me he can afford to buy some sneakers and give them to really needy children if i had the chance to meet michael i can help and show how it can be done michael my son is a die heart fan of you. Can you at least answer the way your so dam handsome and that smile oooh to die for


    P.S.- Yeah Mike got money but did yall forget his ex-wife took him for 168 mil?

  • butch31

    Stephon told the absolute truth! Jordan cheated on his wife and kids, enough said…Let the choir say AMEN


    Let’s not get into morals cause Maurbury is just as slimy and guilty. No different than most of the NBA. Staurbury just mad that he aint in the leauge no more. Even though he’s probaly better than the two guards Jordan got on his team, Jordan probaly still turned his bum azz down. And can anyone complain about $150 dollar shoes when noggaz are buying $200 jeans and other overpriced hip hop gear?