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Fake Doctor Arrested For Using Cement & Fix-A-Flat In Butt Injections


More Possible Victims In Fix-A-Flat Butt Operations Come Forward: Cops

Oneal Ron Morris
is a 30-year-old transgender woman in South Florida responsible for performing illegal butt implants in women involving dangerous substances like cement and Fix-a-Flat tire sealant.

Morris was arrested after posing as a doctor and providing cheap surgery to women who wanted more body.

The woman was too embarrassed to tell the doctors what she had done as she continued to go to the hospital with flu-like symptoms and infected sores.

She was referred to Morris by a friend and paid $700 in 2010 for the operation.

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  • Lashesrus

    smh…..this trend is a shame. some women are dying now and many others will probably get some weird type of cancer in about 5 years.  its illegal for a reason people… it is absolutely not healthy in ANY way to inject yourself with a silicone substance without it being encapsulated in something like an implant. and any time you get a back alley procedure, you’re at risk for getting back alley results.

  • Nicki

    That is soo disgustitng why would someone go for all that pain and trouble so that they can get attention from people… Why people cant be happy in there own skin and body and stop being someone there not!

  • steph

    This story really shows that there are too many followers and not enough leaders. There will always be someone who has something that you do not (bigger boobs, butt, etc.) so why worry about things you cannot control. Ladies, have some self-worth!