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50 Cent Releasing Workout Book


50 Cent Releasing  “FORMULA 50:  A 6-Week Total Body Transformation Plan” Book


William Shinker, President and Publisher Avery, an imprint of Penguin Group USA, announced today the acquisition of world rights to FORMULA 50: A 6-Week Total-Body Transformation Plan by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.

The book, which will be published in January 2013, was represented by Marc Gerald of The Agency Group and will be edited by Megan Newman, Vice President and Editorial Director of the imprint.

It’s being co-written by Jeff O’Connell, Editor-in-Chief of Bodybuilding.com, the internet’s largest fitness website.

FORMULA 50 is a radical six-week mind-body transformation plan that can work for everyone.

The key ingredient is metabolic resistance training (MRT), which breaks down the barriers between traditional weight training and cardio.

MRT accelerates fat loss while also building muscle and improving overall fitness.

The book also offers a nutrition component and helps readers develop the mental toughness and motivation to stick with the plan.


Why now? 50 Cent wants to leverage his knowledge and star power to help people make positive changes and take charge of their overall health.

With obesity rates skyrocketing and fitness levels declining, especially in the African-American market, it’s clear that the available tools just aren’t working.

FORMULA 50 will help readers develop strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility—and will leave them energized and on top of their game.  It’s the very plan that’s helped him get chiseled and achieve optimum results.


“I am thrilled to have Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson join the Avery list.  We see a very broad market for this book that includes fitness enthusiasts, fans and anyone looking to transform their body and reach their full physical potential, ”said William Shinker.


“Curtis ‘50 Cent’ Jackson has the knowledge, credibility, and drive to take this fitness book to the next level. We’re tremendously proud to have him on our list,” said Megan Newman.

“I am delighted to work with the Penguin Group USA again. I had a strong desire to write this book because is very important to me to help people make positive changes and take charge of their overall health. FORMULA 50 is a radical six week mind-body transformation plan geared to help readers develop mental toughness to achieve optimum results while offering a nutrition component,” states Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson.


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