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Get Your Louis Vuitton Condom Now


Louis Vuitton Condoms Now Available 


I’ve done seen it all now.  A Louis Vuitton condom.

Yeah our thoughts exactly.

Well a Georgia Republic architect has designed one.


The Louis Vuitton condom was actually designed and created by Irakli Kiziria, an architect from Georgia Republic, who is not affiliated with Louis Vuitton company.

He proposed a launch for the product on World Aids Day, as part of the Louis Vuitton’s work with amfAr (The foundation for AIDS Research).

There are already many rumors spreading across blogs, websites and so on on this luxury condoms. Apparently, there are many Louis Vuitton fans, who are really looking forward to this product.

The condom are said to be priced at $68 each, which makes it one of the most expensive condoms one can buy.  With this success, many people are also looking for other luxurious brand condoms, such as Chanel condom and Prada condom just to name a few.

Click on their website to place your order now.


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  • Itiswhatitis

    At first I thought this was a ridiculous plot to make money, but now I think it’s genius!  Some folks  are so into bling bling that this will hopefully make people want to wear one!  Maybe they can come down on the price a bit.  However, I’m sure people will wear a knock off just the same…LOL.  Hey, whatever works.  That AIDS epidemic is no joke and hopefully this will help people start strapping up!

  • Dev

    Really!? For that price i’d be washing it and wearing it again!

  • How will she knw you have an LV condom if its inside of her??? What, be a show off? say “Hey I can care so much I brought the very best condom money can buy cause you %$ussy is sooo classy ????”


    Hey $68 is cheaper than 18 yrs of child support. LOL!!!!!…………JENNY JONES!!!!

  • tam

    please black men hate to spend $3.00 on a condom 

  • DntgivafukkX2

    Yur name is hott lol