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Meet Kobe’s Multi-Million Dollar Jump Off! [Pictures]


By now everyone’s heard about Kobe Bryant and his wife Vanessa parting ways.  Why Now, is what many are wondering?


Word through the grapevine is that Kobe was dropping MAJOR bread on his side chick.  But the amount is rumored to be in the multi-million dollar range.


What box could be worth millions of dollars???  Find Out…


The woman who has been linked to Kobe Bean Bryant is none other than Playboy Model Jessica Burciaga.  After looking at the pics, the question I asked myself:  “Soooo what exactly was the reason for the chick in Devner???”  


The Mamba has definitely come to his senses as far as his taste in women, but too bad his smarts weren’t with him from the jump.  This split is rumored to be neighboring in the $200 million dollar range!  This gives a new definition to that Taco Bell saying “The Box That Rock$”


I’m sure Vanessa Bryant will have a reality show coming soon.  As for that Multi-Million Dollar Side Piece, see for yourself!

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  • Ho sit down!

    Wow… nothing is sacred anymore.

    I pray Kobe’s girls make a better choice in men than their mother did.

    Just wow.

  • Hotboytheprez

    She can get it

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  • Escobar00

    WTH, that woman looks like a young JLO.

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