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The Top 10 Albums of 2012 We Do Not Care About


The Top 10 Albums We No Longer Care About For 2012


Rather than ponder over just how impressive 2012’s release roster will be (new music from T.I., Rick Ross, Jay-Z, etc.), we’ve decided to take a different approach. Instead of hyping what has the potential to be another great year for Hip-Hop, we’re going to mull over whose music is teetering on the edge of, “Who cares anymore, anyway?” Thanks to reasons like artist ambivalence and record label shenanigans, and the fact that new music drops everyday, in most cases these 10 albums missed taking advantage of striking while their mics were hot. No shots.


Clicks the page #s below to see who made the list.

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  • joeysway

    Wat about nobody caring about soulja boy’s anything trying to come out. And yall are right NOBODY WANTS TO HEAR ANYTHING FROM 50 SNITCH.

    • Duke

      lol your a hater, the big 10 was hot. If you say otherwise your simply HATING. give credit when its due.Your probably a rick ross fans thats why, I think ross has some good tracks but just dont agree with his false raps. But they do sound good lmfao. But your just a hater.. hater hater hater.. woooooo

      • Greebuh

        Big 10 was pop music. Backstreet boy kind of crap. You like that Shyte apparently.

      • Crappyrappers

        Huh? What were you listening to, breh?



  • Gavinrichard1990

    Only 2 i dont agree with is Tyga and Luda.. first ludas mixtape went hard!!! hands down… and i think tyga will sell upwards of 150k the first week.. it aint huge but thats still solid numbers in this day and age.

  • I still care about Jay & Luda, lol

    and no matter how much you people cry and whine about his scheduling, you know damn well when Detox Drops you’ll listen to it…… Granted, you’ll probably nit pick and complain it to death, but you’ll still check for it

  • Clipsoer

    I usually agree, but u guys named pretty much all the relevent rappers smh. So in your eyes hip hop must be dead, I’m def looking forward to most of these albums.

  • Me

    50’s rap carreer is over,but saddly nobody told him…po child…

    • Haterhatesomemore

      guess you didn’t hear the big10 homie. hater #2 , woooooooo lmfao. There’s a reason why the internet was BUZZING like crazy over TheBig10

      • Greebuh

        I heard big 10 and that Shyte is pop music. Fawk 50 cents

  • Tylerthetatted

    Hold tf up. Why is tyga on this list?? Between the “well done” mix tapes and black thoughts 2 how can you not be feeling this kid? Putting tyga on the same list as Lil Kim makes me question your sanity

    • Abdul Shareef

      What do you mean? “Rack City” is the definition of lyricism; the title alone should tell you as much.

  • Jayjrricks

    You must have something against East Coast artists! Screw this article.

  • mavis

    I agree.  I just read that 50 said sign me or else. Else what, lose another million on some BS.

  • mavis

    Yeah, Dr. Dre really let the fans down this year.

    • Abdul Shareef

      And every other year for about a decade.

  • Abdul Shareef

    It’s the top 10 albums THEY don’t care about. If you have a list of albums you are not looking forward to as much as they aren’t looking forward to these ten, make your own blog and write about those Shytes there.

  • Gstubz

    The left soulja boy and Mac Miller off the list, becuase it goes without saying that people arnt excited by thier music, and noone is questioning there lack of credibilty to ACTUAL hip-hop…

  • Sunny D NYC

    So glad u guys posted this!! It’s about time. People like Kreayshawn is an embaressment to hip-hop

  • HipHopAdvocate

    First off Kim wasn’t the one who started the beef.
    2ndly, 50 is a good artist. I’m not a fan, but he’s still good. I hate how people try to hate on the rappers who actually have notches behind their belt. Nicki Minaj should have been on this list if you really want to talk about garbage tracks and someones “quality” of music. And Lil Wayne should have been on here…If people are still saying that HE is a good example of what rap should be, because you’re throwing the titles “best rapper alive” like youtube throws out partnerships and Record companies throw out record deals, then hip hop really has died. Hopefully J. Cole and some other artists with PURE talent can save the old/true sound of hip hop.

    • Anonymous

      Dude nothing you said is relevant.. We are nitty looking forward to.. Not garbage.. we pretty much know detox will not be garbage but its been pushed back much purple are saying forget it.. And no matter how much you dislike Wayne and Nicki they make hits and people gonna look forward to their albums good or bad.. and how has Wayne fell off. He has had the hottest guest verses of the year like always, and the main reason he gets my utmost respect is his work ethic he work harder than any rapper ever.. And what makes a rapper pure?!!? Because last time I checked music was entertainment and Wayne still does it the best..

      • Anonymous

        dude is used for guys and girls but sorry bout that.. im not serious tho maybe it did seem like it but i wasnt, All i said was wayne is still the top entertainer… if not who is??? thats not biased, the guy has the record for  making the most money of his tours.. cmon nursery rhymes tho lol.. (and he dont smoke no more so he dont sound high) if they were that bad nobody would want him on they track his music makes people think, look up his lyrics on RAP GENIUS and you will see what im saying, because there are alot of verse that he be saying that multiple meanings in one bar. 

        2nd the article is saying which albums that nobody basically cares about.. even if you dislike his music (not him personally i know that you dont know him) people will always be looking forward to his album.. This article is not saying these are bad artists

        Be honest i dont care how good 50 is people not going to buy his album like that (meaning no one is looking forward to it), thats why I said not relevant because its not about who is good its who has the least anticipated album..

        Again sorry if u felt I was being rude, no hard feelings ma’am =)


        I understand that. But he’s still relevent because it’s mostly (not all) high school and middle school kids who keep him on top. Just like they do with Nicki Minaj. People want those two on their record because they’re what’s “hot” right now. Not because of their talent. It’s all for record sales. And he doesn’t have to smoke….he just always sounds high to me. And  although Drake is in his own league when it comes to rap and hip hop compared to lil wayne I think in a few years(one or two) he’ll be more popular than wayne…because his (wayne’s) style is really getting old, and evidently people want what’s “new”. I also think J. Cole will be on top, If people don’t keep sleeping on him the way they had been when he came out.

        And 50 has an attitude problem I don’t like him at all. I was just saying he’s good when it comes to music.

        I didn’t think you were being rude. It’s cool. No hard feelings. (:

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  • Lady Belle

    I love Kreayshawn I don’t know why so much negativity is shed on her.!!


    a black woman.

  • whatthewhat

    Looking forward to Bow Wow’s  album under the new label. His singles were poorly chosen but he always has good music within the album so this should be a good round and he has a lot of collabs that I’d like to hear, especially Talib Kweli and Boys II Men

  • George

    If you don’t care about them, why dedicate an entire article to them?

  • I thought that girl was Amy Whinehouse…..oooops…

  • Adraineheard

    They need to add Ashanti junk to the list

  • Anonymous

    Rick Ross need to be added to that list! After being locked up by C/O’s I don’t want to hear no fairy tale rap from this ex Correctional Officer. He need to be held accountable for perpetrating selling drugs while all these youngstas out here listening to him following his lead. 

  • Anonymous

    I forgot to add that I love Luda, and 50 bipolar azz!! Take them off that list!

  • Don

    Soulja Boy, Mac Miller and Ludacris should be on this list!!!

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  • Actually the person who wrote this should be named “BITTER B**CH WHO IS IMPATIENT AND HAS NO TASTE”.. A LOT of the people who are on here deserve to be on here but Jada and Jay Elec have no place being on this list.. This doesn’t even sound like constructive blogism.. This just sounds like direct hate for the artists.. A damn shame really..

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