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SHOTS FIRED! Duct Tape Entertainment’s Pesci Calls Out Eminem, Lil Wayne, T.I., & More [Video]


Pesci – “Hate In My Blood”

Rappers be warned, especially if you  are in Atlanta.  Duct Tape Entertainment got the streets on lock and if you have been sitting on any kind of Hi-Hop throne, the targets on you.

As previously reported, Duct Tape’s Alley Boy had some choice words for T.I. misrepresenting the streets of Atlanta  and his patna Pesci spits some more truths on a few more rappers living outside the A as well.

The ATL rappers goes in on Eminem, Lil Wayne and Drake:

“And they say the best rapper is that Kra***a and this Ni^^^a Drake is a actor.  … They lamer than Wayne, banging a flame/ Man the Pu**y ain’t never banged a thang.”


He also points out  Jeezy getting his chain taken and T.I. snitching to get his freedom.  2 Chainz and Gucci Mane are  also fired at  as he spits more bars like,

“Titi Boy ain’t hard, when that fa**ot get tuff dawg.”

Just what the game needs, someone to shake things up.  Watch the video and let us know what you think about this diss…I mean treal song.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iwCvpwJoE6o]

We ain’t heard nothing this real since Pimp C.  Speak on It. 

I want to see who’s going to respond to this and anyone saying, “Oh don’t nobody  know who he is so forget about it him”… that ain’t gone work.  That’s a duece cop right there automatically.


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  • Noemail

    No response, that’s what u would do for these broke bums! Get money!

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  • Yamini

    Just being real…half of that “crew” will be dead or in jail for life before they get on the levels of those they speak of. 

    • Tbeezy


      • Scratch

        I Highly cosign that!!!

  • Grimeboy

    look, this is just rap. Its not real. Its wrestling mixed with gimmicks. Nobodyyyyyyy gives a fuk. Seriously, Its a pure joke.

  • These dudes misrepresenting The A, Atlanta never was on some blood and crip mess. Its been east side vs west side, zone vs zone but never them big gangs. These dudes are clowns, the FBI will get to them soon enough and they’re going to be singing one way or another.

    • Xbossbellax

      exactly, thats all they were on zone v zone and east v west.

    • Tbeezy

      exactly! The real bloods are in LA! smh

  • Tbeezy

    foreal tho! lmao he will never be on none of they level even if they fake!!!

  • theoneyouknow

    theres a reason dudes like this arent on the big stage…

  • Allinyamouth

    He is right about TIP though…how does that guy keep on getting breakthroughs?  I dont care about celebrity cases and spending money, anybody else would be serving at least 10-15 years.  And Tity boi was never hard.  To be honest… most of these up and coming ATL rappers need to credit Drama because those mixtapes are putting cats on. ALl except Jeezy though…  Jeezy put drama on as much as vice versa.

  • shawty1

    couldn’t they get any good looking people for this video they’re all ugly as f**k smh! and their track is s**t

    • Nacy

      Speaking of their their track being wack,they need to be worrying bout gettin tracks 4 dat hoes head in the video.

  • Bawse

    i guess duct tape the only real ni99as in the A huh?? yeah REAL BROKE LOL small fries hatin on the Big Dogs!!!!!!!

  • Yup

    Um killing people AINT cute or worth bragging about nor is selling drugs, you EITHER  die or go to jail, STOOPID A$$! IT doesnt make you REAL it makes YOU DUMB AS HELL!!! !Big ups to TIP, he could hit anytime!!! I applaud him for doing what he has to do to take care of his wife and kids!!! Broke bummy niccas with this mess going to be at Memorial Drive in a holdover FOOLS

  • Reaunmck50711@gmail.com

    That’s one way to make a name for yourself…hate on all of the untouchables. Discredit the best rappers and say they are whack. Mock those others are afraid to mock and hopefully one of the 25 rappers he dissed will respond

  • Rlazo_10

    Wait til he go to the D ha

  • no love

    what a joke… cant wait to hear what everyone that he called out has to say about this. enjoy your 5 minutes of 1 website fame fools!!! by now you’re probably in county

  • Westside Vet

    Wow…Born and raised in the “A” Westside Hollywood Road. These ni@#’s a joke. The neighborhod they from is the only neighborhood that has not been revitalized. Wonder why? This is ignorant on another level. The only rapper that’s ever made fame from beef is 50 cent and hell eminen was one of the people who put him on. Sad to say dude is from the “A”, but from the look of his mouth and those Eddie’s gold teeth, he might just be a Grady baby.

  • Igotfcuk


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  • 313

    When did being a “Thug” “Gangsta'” or “Dealer” become the prerequisite to being a “real” rapper? And if you aren’t one of the above, “you fake”? This little wannabe can take his old tired @$$ re hash from the biggie/2pac days and get lost, go impress your friends who think your all that. No flow, no game, just gimmicks.

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