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Big Meech Shutting Down ‘BMF WIVES’ Reality Show


Big Meech Shutting Down BMF WIVES Reality Show


Big Meech lets it be known from behind the wall that the BMF Wives reality show being shopped is a fraud and that he and his team have nothing to do with it.

The head of The Black Mafia Family is currently locked up for running a drug cartel and is shutting this mess down before it starts. His mother hit up Twitter and voiced her son’s opinions.

Straight From The A also conducted an interview with CEO of BMF Entertainment, Tammy Cowins, who further voiced Meech’s words and Tonesa Welch’s claims of being “First Lady Of BMF” since she was the former girlfriend of one of BMF’s leaders, and Big Meech’s brother, Terry Flenory.


“She [Welch] can say whatever she wants about her relationship with Terry [Flenory – Meech’s Brother] in California… but she CANNOT corroborate or say ANYTHING about BMF.

All these rumors about she’s a “wife”… she’s a “first lady”… this and that… no. She’s not.

I OWN BMF Entertainment… “I” Tammy Cowins! And we’re not trying to have our brand associated with a reality show.

Meech’s mom wants to talk to you so she can get it out there and I want to get it out there that you’ve talked to the owner of BMF entertainment and the movie is in full swing ahead and we’re not sure where these fictitious rumors are coming from.

Meech has never been married… Terry has never been married. There’s never been a woman to be a FLENOOY besides Miss. Lucille and their kids.

Terry Fleonory

So at the end of that day, that’s who gets the recognition as being the “First Lady” of BMF.

It’s almost funny, but it needs to be told.”

The girlfriends of some of the incarcerated BMF members came up with the bright idea for a reality show. There have also been reports about BMF’s story being turned into a Hollywood film so I’m pretty sure the powers that be don’t want this minstrel show tarnishing their chances for that. We’ll see how this unfolds but this is a classic example of when those checks stop coming in.


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      take ur own advice rat!

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        I’m sure your 5 kids by 3 baby daddy’s qualifies you as the rat. t.r.a.m.p

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    I wasn’t feeling them broads no way!! It made no sense to me on why those reputable men would allow this. Now we know.

  • ZP

    what about Mob wives then cause it’s all the same except they are not black women.

  • i glad to hear this is not going to happen, for whatever reason. That lifestyle is not something that should be glorified. And to the women to “claim” to be “wifey”…i guess yall see where you stand….get a JOB BIATTTCHES!!!!

  • Sweet Sweet

    We will see what goes on !!

  • Bronx2norfolk

    Why not let it happen half the so called wives on the basketball wives reality show aren’t married either.