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PETA Wants Dr. Dre To Halt Fox Fur Covered Beats By Dre Headphones


Dr. Dre has had his fair share of beefs over the years with former partners like Suge Knight, Eazy-E and Ice Cube,  and now PETA has thrown its name into the “FCUK Dre” hat.

The animal rights organization is upset with the good Dr. and designer Oscar de la Renta who are about to release a limited edition  pair of Beats By Dre headphones wrapped in silver fox fur. 

PETA representative Michelle Cho issued an open  letter to Dre advocating for the headphones to be discontinued. Part of the letter read:

We wanted to get in touch to urge you to keep fur and exotic-animal skins out of your Beats by Dre designs.  Foxes, minks, rabbits, and other animals including cats and dogs—are bludgeoned, genitally electrocuted, strangled with wire nooses, drowned, and even skinned alive for their pelts.

You have a tremendous amount of influence on young people.  Won’t you please consider using your platform to advocate kindness toward animals by pledging never to design with real fur and exotic skins?

The Fox Fur Beats By Dre Headphones run a whopping $695.

I doubt PETA has that much to worry about as these won’t be mass produced for this price.


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