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Battle Of The Video Vixens: Kimbella vs. Erica Mena [Video/Photos]


Battle Of The Video Vixens: Kimbella vs. Erica Mena


Erica Mena and Kimbella Vanderhee, stars of the hit VH1 reality series Love & Hip-Hop, are two of the show’s most controversial figures. Each of them have had similar paths in the modeling industry, with countless magazine spreads, promos, and music videos to their credentials. They are two very determined, strong-willed, beautiful women that can’t seem to get along for five good minutes. On last night’s episode, the two seemingly squashed their issue and moved forward. However, the truce only lasted until the preview of next week’s episode, where the two are seen fighting once again.

One of the things that Erica continuously mentions, is that Kimbella will “never be on her level”. Naturally this made us think to pit the two Video Vixens against each other, and let the people decide; Who’s Badder?


We’ll begin with Kimbella.


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  • Anonymous

    I’m sorry I don’t like both these industry babymama’s (Both are CLASSLESS )

    But i will keep it real Kimbella is bad!!!! ERica is pretty but fairly common looking

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  • Lilijanise

    Kimbella 100%

  • LadyLark

    Kimbella looks better overall but they are both ridiculous looking in this so-called ‘BEEF’…I call it chicken soup.

    • Anonymous

      lol u crazy for that one

  • Anonymous

    kimbella all day long

  • No competition. Kimbella not only looks better but is obviously better at modeling as well….

  • Myaunni0585

    Team Kimbella! Erika is a hater wit her bag of bones A$$.

  • Synamin


  • Don

    Kimbella would get the magic stick!!!

  • Ace_wonder

    That’s easy…Kimbella.  Don’t get me wrong, Erica is bad.  But Kimbella is on that “other level” that Erica keeps talking about.  Now, if we talk about actual BRAINS, then neither of these birds have it. But PURE physical beauty, Kimbella (although some of her outfits on that show are OFF…lol

  • Ttalli03

    Erica, give Kimbella 50 ft. Clearly she’s ahead of the game and you are not!

  • Erica, girl have multiple seats. Kimbella is  way ahead of you.

    • Honey Bun1982

      LO fuckin L

  • Yup

    erica. kimbella is only good for men’s magazines and s*xual looking photos. erica is s*xy but she’s also more high fashion. she has the body of a runway model. she was also in ny fashion week. kimbella doesn’t have the body for that. being on the cover of black men’s magazine is virtually nothing in the fashion world…but being the cover of sports illustrated is much coveted. erica has more of that look, (thin high fashion model) also keep in mind, while even high fashion models may sell s*x they also book campaigns and advertise products. kimbella has only advertised her body. while erica is s*xy too her face could be on the ad for something…kimbella is pretty is an every day woman way, erica is prettier for actual fashion modeling.

    • Speaking The Real

      So what “real” model campaigns Erica has? Oh yeah. NONE !! She is no Giselle or Naomi. Being “skinny” does NOT = runway or fashion. It just means she needs to eat some burritos and a burger. 

  • Queen B

    I have to go w/Kimbella!

  • Juicy

    Kimbella hands down. Erica’s a hater

  • only1princess10

     Team Kimbella !!!! Prettier,better body,better gigs um who are we talkin about again ??? Oh yeah Erica… Go Home…Kimbella wins even when she aint TRYIN

  • Terrance64

    Kimbella all day

  • Nuknuk06


  • Piperlynn12

    How did I get into Predictable Soap Operas Made for Short Attention Spans? From Hood, to plain ol’ No Good.. These dummies make me laugh with all this Cheese. Team Oliver, Team Yandy & Team Kimbella.

  • Msmarianajoubert


  • Traceykersting

    Totally team Kimbella.

  • Brittany

    erica is an average lookin chick. she’s irrelevant #boom


  • Jazzbaby

    That’s easy… Kimbella.    Erica is a HATER.

  • Brebrecouture

    Erica can actually be a high fashion model. urban modeling isnt modeling anyone can sign up take they clothes off and get paid. it takes a special women to do high fashion modeling. and high fashion modeling is actually an art and has meaning behind every photo shoot urban modeling is just about sellin your body. i have no respect for that kind of modeling so Erica wins. although her attitude stanks

    • justme

      No, sorry, she can’t. She can get way more commercial print over Kimbella but she is light years off from high fashion. She doesn’t have the right look for it at all. She has done Rocawear and Hilfiger campaigns and things like that but absolutely no high fashion. Thats why they BOTH do rap videos,  BOTH do urban mags and BOTH do reality shows. I think people are getting skinny confused with high fashion and its waaaay more to it then that. They are BOTH Urban models though.

  • Anonymous

    Pic 14 is nice for Erica but she is coming up real short overall against Kimbella. Kimbella wins by a long weave ponytail.

  • Scottdupart

    Kimbella all day. Erica you cute but your personality makes you very ugly.

  • Lis


  • Imgood30

    Kimbella is much better looking in the photos

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  • venitab

    Erica think she is more than what she really is. i think the reason she has issues with Kimbella is , because Kimbella is her competition.  I’m team Kimbella all day.

  • Lovingone01

    Really Ericka!!!! She came so hard I was expecting her pictures to ANtM status but her pictures are worse than Kimbella’s. If you ask me Kimbell is the truth!

  • Kimbella looks much better, but neither Kimbella OR Erica would never be considered for high-fashion modeling. Kimbella’s too curvy and Erica’s too top-heavy.

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  • Shannon

    Kimbella, Erika is a hoodrat. She was even on Khloe and khortney in Miami acting a damn fool

  • Kimbella , Point Blank Period.  Erica you step ya game up because running ya mouth is not going to get you there.

  • Tonysgrama

    Kimbella look way mor healthy and beautiful that Erica. Erica looks like she is in need of a burger with the works and some burritos’s for dessert.

  • Hytuik

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  • Playboy69


  • 302799

    Kimbella … curves are in …

    … anorexia is out!

  • Kimbella she is thick…

  • Zamia

    Ericas face and Kimbella’s Body simple loool