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Yo Gotti Visits Lil Boosie’s Family & Drops Off Some $tacks To His Peoples [Video]


Yo Gotti Visits Lil Boosie’s Family & Drops Off Some $tacks To His Peoples [Video]


Talk is cheap and its a lot of rappers areout here faking, but Yo Gotti ain’t one. During a recent show stop in Baton Rogue, Louisiana, Gotti stopped by Lil Boosie’s mother’s  house and visited his family, and also dropped off some cash.

Anybody can yell “Free Lil Boosie” or “Free”  whoever but they are just words. Salute to Yo Gotti for keeping it G.

Boosie’s trial on murder charges is set to start this April.


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  • Don

    Yo Gotti should save that money. that dude is the wackest rapper around. He’ll be getting a McDonald’s job in 5 years

    • always a hater in the mix

    • I am who I am

      yep and his wack raps is providing him with the ends to help out his homies family while his homie can’t do it himself….what are your wack post providing other than evidence of ignorance?

    • Courtneybarrow123

      yu lame don get money n stop hating 

    • Comment

      5 Years Gotti will be on top. Streets everywhere show 2 much luv. No industry help he got show money 2 drop off Baandz.

    • Sr Cain81

      Say Don you a duck I wish I would ever bump into you

  • Lilcalbo

    North memphis love

  • sunny spoon

    II bet you wont say it to his face dickridinDon play puss get f***

  • Tre

    It’s always a dummy typing talking about someone is wack. They must not be to wack if they getting paid and having sold out shows. Your the one that’s wack. Thats why you’re not rapping. Think about it you big dummy.

  • Watfordkezia

    Hey don let’s see yu drop of some stacks to the fam……umm I don’t think so….broke niqqas make me suck….uqhhh

  • Keshajarrell747

    That’s what’s up boosie need someone positive on his team who can show him love & someone who can guide him in the right direction by choosing the right people in his circle.God. is good & he knows best for him if he keep his mind on God he will never fell him so boosie come home & do What you do best God Bless you.

  • Keshajarrell747

    I wish I had some money to give & his family because of the biodiesel o know would help anyone.I’m broke boo

    But I love me some Boosie