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Jay-Z Is Not A Spokesperson For Black Fathers


Jay-Z Is Not A Spokesperson For Black Fathers


A New York Daily News piece from writer Joanna Molloy released Friday (January 20) morning erroneously regards Jay-Z’s ode to his daughter Blue Ivy, “Glory,” as an “anthem” to fatherhood, exalting the rapper for expressing joy about the birth of his child via song. In no way, shape or form does the song serve as an instructional guide to fathers—especially African-American fathers, as Molloy alleges in ham-handed fashion.

The Daily News is seemingly proud to be out of touch with reality by tweeting Molloy’s story as a true fact.

“A lot of other babies are going to benefit. Because Jay-Z’s ecstatic reaction to being a dad will be the strongest boost yet to a growing movement in the black community encouraging responsible fatherhood,” writes Molloy in reaction to “Glory” —asserting that Jay-Z is now the spokesperson for Black fathers all of a sudden. Molloy, and other writers, are making much more out of this song than needs to be.

Nowhere in the song is it heard that Jay is instructing dads on how to do what all fathers should naturally do, which is raise their child lovingly. In fact, he speaks of spoiling his child when she becomes a toddler, a cute thought but not the reality for many fathers and young couples struggling in an unforgiving economic climate. This is not to say that there isn’t a happy moment on the track. Mr. Carter is in full proud daddy mode throughout the Pharell Williams-produced number.

As a fan of Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter’s work over the years, I’ve been subjected to his tales of living lavishly, bedding women and spending countless amounts of cash at a whim as a freewheeling bachelor. Now as a married father alongside R&B diva wife Beyoncé, are we to assume Jay-Z is suddenly the go-to guy for all things fatherhood and marriage related? That would be absurd and anyone with good sense knows this. Do we expect Jay-Z to tailor his message differently, even though it was rumored (and eventually disproven) that he was going to change his tune because of Blue Ivy’s birth?

As reported in the Daily News, single parents, mothers typically, raise 72 percent of black kids according to government statistics. Those of us who grew up in predominantly African-American communities won’t argue the fact that single moms are in high number in those neighborhoods. But for Molloy to say that Black men will all of sudden get off their collective deadbeat behinds because of a saccharine rap song is irresponsible and incorrect.

What black men, and all fathers-to-be, need are tangible examples of fatherhood. There are vast networks of community groups and organizations devoted to connecting fathers to the actual responsibility of fatherhood. Church leaders and the like need to open their doors and be the beacons they should be for fathers who don’t know how to operate as such.

Molloy treats Jay-Z’s joy like it were one of his business properties or an album release, as if Hov is suddenly packaging fatherhood to peddle to the masses as he once did with drugs before his rap career took off. Instead of treating “Glory” as a call to fathers in the Black community, dads should look to leadership far more relatable than a rapper who never once told anyone how to be a parent. Jay-Z is just learning the lessons of fatherhood himself.

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  • Baldman54

    If other songs from artists of all sorts can serve as “inspirational,” why cant tthis one? If artists like Jay-z can be scolded for subjecting women, why cant they be praised for taking pride in fatherhood? What Molloy said may be an overstatement, but calling her “incorrect” is an overstatement as well.

  • Banrion

    I read this editorial and was overwhelmed with the feeling that the writer was grasping at straw: critcising an opinion just for the hell of it. I’m not going to go as far as agreeing wholeheartedly with everything the NYDN reporter wrote but come on!! “What black men, and all fathers-to-be, need are tangible examples of fatherhood’? Really?! JayZ is tangible as hell when he’s calling chicks *itches, isn’t he? We tag him and all the other ‘intangible’ celebs as role models when they do something to offend us. don’t we?
    Please, do something more productive with your visibility and forum than overeacting and giving your power away.

    • Anonymous

      Sounds to me as if you’re the one over-reaching in your criticism. I actually think the author’s opinion was a very positive use of his or her’s forum. “Hatin'” much?

      Although I will say this: who honestly regards the content in the Daily News as more than the fluff it actually is? I suppose the very same  folks who would espouse “Glory” as an anthem to Black fatherhood?

  • QimaKing07

    Why Didn’t His SON get a song?!?!? Didn’t have the “right” mother I guess…….

    • Nees

      He doesnt claim that child let it go, we will never know if thats his child

    • hazysin

      Because it wasn’t HIS son. You folks and your rumor mills are pathetic.

  • Rochunga

    The way this couple acts, I wouldn’t. Be surprised if they do the Michael Jackson thing and have her wearings masks in public. If they REALLY love this child like they say they do then they better walk away from the life they’re living. Because Ivy will suffer more bad than good in that life being their child.

    • Rochunga

      I know how hard it is to leave something you. Cherish so much, but lets be real, they have gotten into this celebrity thing way too deep. More than any one else maybe. They oughtta change theirnames and move to a different country

  • Ms Sheemawilliams

    Well I don’t know if this song is gonna make deadbeatdads step up.but if that’s the case I could have wrote a song. Just saying . Any women could have done a song.I feel like this if u a deadbeat then u always gonna be don’t think just because u pay child support sometimes.don’t make u a good father

  • Cutitout

    The reason why so many black men are not around as full time fathers is because they continue to father children with women they don’t really like or want to be with in the long haul. The real message and story here is the CRAZY IDEA THAT FOLKS SHOULD NOT BRING CHILDREN INTO THE WORLD UNTILL THEY ARE IN A TESTED, TRIED, AND TRUE  COMMITTED RELATIONSHIP, AND ARE MENTALLY, FINANCIALLY, EMOTIONALLY, AND SPIRITUALLY READY TO BE A PARENT.

  • Pebblesvashon

    Umm Womp Womp Wooommmppp! my Father is 1 of thee BEST & Im 24! Every Man that can be grown & Lay Down & Conceive a child should be Gown enough 2 take care of his Flesh & Blood. No Rapper should make him be like ‘Hey Ill think Ill Step up now!” A real man does that from the Jump, NOT post birth!

    • Bunnyrican

      You are right. Don’t be a father of convience. He has a child that he abandoned and doesnt even ackmowledge him. How does he feel. This is his first child. He will have to answer to him when he is old enough to understand. He has missed this child upbringing. What a shame and he calls himself a father. He is the most coniving human being. He left his son like he doesn’t matter. He praises his daughter like she is the world. He will have to face the fact that he is the most worthless father in the world. He puts his glory on what he can make off of people to include his arm piece. He is not God and that is where he needs to put his glory too. He will face all of his actions on judgement day. I too love my father. He was there no matter what. He was proud of all his children. This is a real father. He can take his fake self and family and going on living the way he likes. He is sorry, sorry, human being. As they say a devil in disguise.

  • Cairo5

    In no way can Jay Z be held as this beacon of fatherhood. He lives his life lavishly and flashy, everything that has eroded the morals within society and the world today. He talks a good talk, Beyonce to, however the proof is in the pudding. Lets see in 18-20years if Blue is this well rounded down to earth caring person who has empathy for those less well off in the world, then we can talk about JayZ being a role model to fathers. BTW not publicly acknowledging your son is not a good start.

  • Victoria

    He is not the first person in the hip hop community to make this type of song for his child so y is it she a big deal? A few years back Juelz Santana did “Daddy” a song for his oldest son

  • hazysin

    Jay-z has ALWAYS advocated for fathers to be a participant in their child’s life. His disdain for the deadbeat father is no secret. I highly DOUBT that he would have a “hidden” child that he would deny fathering.

  • Just saying

    To all these people who seem convinced that Jay-Z has children that he’s refusing to acknowledge I ask this- why aren’t the MOTHERS of said children sou dig the horns?! There is no denying what can be proved with science. If some mother out there felt like her and her child were being denied recognition, benefits or support that they deserve- why would she sit silently by. Jay is talented, driven and smart but he’s not exempt to court ordered paternity testing. And I’m quite sure that there are media outlets that would fall all over themselves to pay for that exclusive if only to “expose” this street thug turned business/family man for the imposter that I’m sure a lot of people who refuse to believe anything good could come from the ghetto or hip hop, thinks he is.

  • Whatev

    Dude – be easy.  Really not that serious.  You don’t have anything else to write about?  If it happens that some men follow Jay’s lead and are as proud about their kids as he is about his . . . what’s the difference?  Just want to be heard, huh?  I feel you.  Do you, but maybe think you sound a bit silly?  Just a thought.

  • Cbsav912

    First of all I don’t even know why this even news because first and foremost how can he tell someone how to be a father and his child was just born a couple of weeks ago. There are plenty of wonderful father’s out here way before they had their child so for them to say that is a slap in the face to those men who been taking care of their families. The only reason it’s news because his name is Jay-Z. Our community has other things to worry about. TRUTH

  • Anonymous

    Now he’s putting Brakes on???? What about his Mother, GrandMother,Aunts Sisters and so on!!! This Rapper should rap somthing around his head!
    No More “B” Word !!!PLLLLSE

  • Anonymous

    Hate to be a killjoy but isn’t it a little too early to tell if Jay-Z is going to be in his child’s life. I mean, who knows what he could be up to in two years.