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50 Cent Wants To Release Two Albums Back To Back


Despite 50 Cent’s well documented struggles and differences with his label, Interscope Records, he’s still focused and very anxious to release new music.

“I’m not sure if I’ll tour the world with my next album, as I’ve done before, because it makes my album cycle for 2 years,” 50 told Forbes. “I’d like to launch this record, and then come right back and launch another record following it…It’s been 3 years since my last album, so I’ve recorded so much material that I’m really excited about trying to get those ideas to the general public so they can get a chance to hear it and appreciate it.”

However, Interscope has not been on the same page with 50, which would explain the barrage of criticism he’s aimed in the label’s direction. Right after the New Year, he went on a Twitter rant, where he voiced his displeasure and lack of faith in his label. Although he later apologized to Jimmy Iovine for his remarks, things didn’t seem to be completely smoothed over with the leader of the Guerilla Unit. While at the CES Conference, 50 spoke a bit more on his label situation during an interview with Spike TV.

50 clearly still has plenty of pent up an creativity, as heard on his last mixtape, The Big 10. Fif said he planned to shoot a video for each record on the tape, and he hasn’t disappointed thus far. In thr interview with Forbes, he spoke more on his label situation, and much more.

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